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Pat Robertson Warns That “Love Affairs Between Men And Animals Absolutely Will Be Permitted”

pat_robertson_a_3Yesterday, callous old coot Pat Robertson rose from a bog to let the world know that “love affairs between men and animals absolutely will be permitted.”

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Rambling and inchoate as ever, he warned viewers of his Christian Broadcasting Network show The 700 Club that “the Supreme court has ruled on so many things, and they’ve messed things up… They’ve come up with these strange rules… You watch what’s gonna happen now.”

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“They’ve said abortion is a constitutional right, homosexuality is a constitutional right, they’ve now said that homosexual marriage is a constitutional right. Watch what happens!”

Really getting into it, he blares, “Love affairs between men and animals will absolutely be permitted. Polygamy without question is going to be permitted.” (Polygamy Without Question is a pretty good name for a band.)

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Relationships with children?” excitedly chirps co-host Terry Meeuwsen, goading him on. “There have been groups that have been trying to push that for a long time.”

“The problem is,” Pat Robertson croaked, “the people can’t move any longer, their elected officials can’t make any decisions.”

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You can watch the whole thing below. But don’t.


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