Pat Robertson’s Comments About Haiti Are Crazy. But Who Is This Kristi Watts Nodding Along Next to Him?

On the plus side, Pat Robertson is raising funds for victims of Haiti’s earthquake through his Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corporation. On the minus side, he’s claiming that the only reason anyone needs to donate money to this devastated nation is because its people made a deal with the devil by revolting against the French to secure independence. But what’s most remarkable about Robertson’s little routine here isn’t his batshit crazy harangue, but his sidekick, the 700 Club‘s Kristi Watts, who’s there to nod along in agreement. Who is this woman?

She’s from Chicago. She’s the youngest of five. She recently went through a divorce. She got a communications degree from University of Dayton in Ohio. And she produced this thing —

— where she asks rhetorically, “I’ve called myself a Christian since I was five years old, but what does that mean?”

Perpetuating the ridiculous theories of a zealot, that’s what.

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