Pataki Wants HIV Rent Money

While peeps in San Fran worry about being shot on the streets, New Yorkers with HIV are worried about living on the streets. Why? Because out-going Governor George Pataki (pictured) and his goons are pushing for rent-hikes in for AIDS patients living in government-subsidized housing.

The Washington Blade reports:

The increases would vary depending on tenants’ finances, but some tenants Tuesday said they could have to put 60 percent or more of their small incomes toward rent. Some rents would more than double, according to legal papers filed Monday by the advocacy group Housing Works.

The state and city play roles in administering the subsidies. City lawyers say the state is insisting on raising the tenants’ contributions, which have been capped at 30 percent of their incomes. State officials say the city’s cap conflicts with a longtime benefits policy that applies everywhere else in New York state.

Um, NYC ranks as one of the most expensive cities in the world. (Trust us, we know.) Can’t people give less-wealthy people in poor health break? Sheesh.

Well, actually, a federal court on Monday gave them a bit of a break by stalling the proposed increase for at least 45 days, approximately 200 protesters took to the streets to pressure the pols into discarding the issue all together.

And, of course, the activists made sure to swing by Eliot Spitzer and John Faso‘s respective campaign offices to woo the prospective governors.