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Patricia Mauceri Didn’t Want to Play a TV Mom Who Approves of the Gays


We’re not regular soap opera watchers, so our knowledge of the genre is pretty much limited to Luke and Noah, soap actors-cum strippers, and soap actors who quit because they refuse to go gay. In May, Young & The Restless actor Chris Engen (who played Adam Wilson) quit the show because writers called for him to lock lips with another fella. Now it’s time to add a lady to the list of soap actors unwilling to go along with gay storylines.

Patricia Mauceri, who’s been playing maid Carlotta Vega for two years on ABC’s One Life to Live, was just shown the door. And not even because she was told to get it on with another lady! Rather, writers called for Mauceri’s character to simply approve of the relationship between Kyle (played by Brett Claywell) and Fish (played by Scott Evans, he the brother of Chris Evans). According to, producers “wanted to go against stereotype and show Carlotta as a gay friendly Latina mother. The actress allegedly vehemently protested that story decision, resulting in show brass replacing her.” Adds an unnamed source: “She objected to Carlotta’s positive attitude about homosexuality, saying it conflicted with her personal beliefs.”

No worries: Guiding Light vet Saundra Santiago, who previously appeared on One Life to Live as another character, is stepping in to the role.

And while anyone visiting a daytime TV web forum could find plenty of conservative viewers upset with the recent influx of gay storylines on soaps, what’s interesting is the most vocal opponents to the same-sex plots are the actors themselves. Isn’t showbiz supposed to, like, love The Gays?