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Patrick Murphy Doesn’t Need No Barack Obama For DADT Repeal

Does anyone else have a giant bromance crush with Pennsylvania’s U.S. Rep Patrick Murphy? And not just because he users terms like “quarterbacking” to describe what’s going on with the effort to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

Noticeably, in this interview with Rachel Maddow, Murphy mostly punts on the question of whether the White House is really helping him out in his push. (He also isn’t pushing Obama to use an executive order to halt dismissals, with the argument that the White House shouldn’t be able to ignore Congressional acts.)

But that doesn’t mean he’s dropping the ball: “This was an act of Congress that made DADT into law. It will take an act of Congress to fix that mistake of 16 years ago. It is our job as a Congress to get a backbone, to have the courage to get this passed. We can’t punt this to the president. We can’t punt this to the courts. It’s our job. And it’s my job to quarterback this and we’re gonna make it happen.”