Patti Lupone’s Famous “Les Mouches” Performance Out on CD Today

Self-described “Latin from Manhattan” Patti LuPone dropped by New York’s Splash Bar (or whatever they’re calling it nowadays) to promote her new CD, out today, “Patti LuPone at Les Mouches”. It’s a rare recording of a 1980 performance she made at another famous Chelsea gay disco the same year her that Michael Urie, who introduces her in this clip, was born.

Watch this clip of her performing “Rainbow High” at Les Mouches and jump up and down excitedly while clapping your hands and screaming “Ohmygodshesamazing! I want to be her! Love Her! Patti!”. The performance is so legendary, Broadway’s Leslie Kritzer performed the exact same set with the exact same arrangements two years ago at Joe’s Pub. Now you get the real thing!