Noted Quack Paul Cameron: Sex With Children, Animals Part Of The Gay “Sexual Repertoire”

Chairman of the conservative Family Research Institute and all-around kook Paul Cameron held a press conference (stood behind a rented podium) in which he presented what he calls “research” regarding the sexual behavior of gay people.

According to Cameron’s “study”, gay men are more likely to have sex with children and are known to have sex with animals due to their “estrangement from humanity.”

Right Wing Watch reports:

Cameron’s bases his new report on a review of gay peoples’ obituaries, that is, those that have one; Cameron writes that “many gays are anonymous—having sex without ever exchanging names—so their obituaries are ‘missing.’ Lesbians are anomalous—seldom being given an obituary.”

Cameron goes on to say that gays and lesbians are “more frequently involved in criminality” and “are more apt to smoke, use drugs, drive recklessly and get infected by their sexual activities with a host of dangerous germs and experience various organ failures.”

He adds that a reference to pets in a gay person’s obituary is a sign of his or her “estrangement from humanity,” adding that 20% of gay men “reported having had sex with an animal.”

Cameron’s work has been used as legitimate research by religious rights groups and as toilet paper by everyone else. The Southern Poverty Law Center notes that Cameron’s studies have been “rejected by both the American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association” and that he pays to publish them in certain journals.