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Paul Clement Seeks to Expand Roster of People He’s Made Miserable

Guess what the anti-gay lawyer defending DOMA also hates? Health care.

When he’s not busy trying to help the federal government deport spouses and tax elderly gays into impoverishment, Paul Clement represents over two dozen states that are suing to stop health care reform. What a swell guy! We look forward to reading his arguments in the case “Steel-Toed Boot versus Kittens and Puppies.”

According to Clement’s brief regarding health care, the administration’s reforms rely “on unprecedented assertions of federal power” that push “even the most expansive conception of the federal government’s constitutional powers past the breaking point.”

Gee whiz, unprecedented assertions of federal power? That sounds awful. Don’t you just hate it when the federal government steps in and starts telling states what they are and aren’t allowed to do? What contracts they are and aren’t allowed to honor? Which residents they are and aren’t permitted to protect? Gosh darn that overreaching federal power.