Paul Rudd Wins “Tonight Show” Lip Sync Battle With Flashy Handography

tumblr_n1m396yKn11r4pnllo3_500Jimmy Fallon’s mission to systematically turn The Tonight Show into Saturday Night Live Plus continued this week with a fierce lip sync battle for the ages.

Joined by special guest Paul Rudd, Fallon explains to heterosexuals how a lip sync for your life works. Fallon’s version is slightly different than the knock-down, drag-out dance fights we’re used to seeing on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but Rudd nevertheless delivers a fantastic performance to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, complete with the kind of hand gestures and hip sways that drive straight people wild. They’re clapping!

Paul Rudd reportedly “destroyed” it, “killed” it, and was “epic“, according to several mainstream news sources. Apparently they haven’t seen Roxxxy Andrews remove a wig mid-performance or Alyssa Edwards jump and spin into the splits.