Paul Ryan Stopped To Pray At A Pro-Gay Church While In Connecticut

While in town on Sunday for three private fundraisers – the contents of which will hopefully be made public as per campaign tradition – Paul Ryan paid a visit to Hartford’s gay-friendly church,  St Patrick-St. Anthony.

The Hartfordite reports:

According to Father Tom [Gallagher], secret service agents came by the historic brownstone church at about 8AM, to inform him Ryan would be attending mass. Ryan sat in a pew surrounded by security, all of whom showed up in a motorcade of about five vehicles.

The priest also told me although Ryan’s presence was not mentioned in the homily, parishioners were well aware who was worshiping with them.   “There was a buzz throughout the church,” Gallagher said.

St. Patrick-St. Anthony had refused to endorse a statewide ban on gay marriage in 2003, and though it does not perform gay marriage, it welcomes LGBT parishioners, divorced people and other disaffected Catholics.

One could say that Ryan’s public genuflection at a gay-friendly church in Connecticut, one of the six states where gay marriage is legal, shortly before he was scheduled to woo some coins from potential donors was just  a cheap and shameless ploy. Of course, how could he have known that St. Patrick-St. Anthony was so inclusive – besides its domestically-partnered name? Maybe Ryan just wandered in off the street in need of a quick prayer after seeing the latest poll numbers.