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Paula Deen Empathizes With Duck Dynasty And “That Black Football Player,” Really Wants You To Like Her

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 11.23.07 AMCelebrity type 2 diabetic chef Paula Deen really wants you to like her.

That racial slur she admitted to using was like, “a long time ago,” as she puts it, and she’s really, really sorry. Really. She says so herself in a People Magazine cover story:

“Some people said I never apologized. If anyone did not hear me, I want to apologize. I would never ever hurt anyone intentionally. Never!”

Besides the fact that wanting to apologize isn’t exactly the same thing as apologizing, let’s assume that she really is sorry for the right reasons (big assumption). She’s still missing the mark.

After securing a new contract with private investment firm Najafi Companies to the tune of $75-100 million, Deen still isn’t happy with how she’s perceived. It could be comments like these that don’t quite have us convinced of the wholesome image she so desperately wants back — speaking first about Duck Dynasty‘s homophobic Phil Robertson:

“It’s amazing that some people are given passes and some people are crucified.”

Then about NFL draft hopeful Michael Sam:

“I feel like ’embattled’ or ‘disgraced’ will always follow my name. It’s like that black football player who recently came out. He said, ‘I just want to be known as a football player. I don’t want to be known as a gay football player.’ I know exactly what he’s saying.”

Call it a hunch, Paula, but our guess is he doesn’t want to be known as “that black football player” either.

Stick to the biscuits. Or don’t.

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  • tardis

    I is what I is.

  • Aromaeus

    Cracker bitch.

  • Raquel Santiago

    OMG enough already, she apologized, one person makes a mistake and we tear them apart. I have heard a lot worse from people both within and outside our own community and we just let it ride. The only reason people going after her is her popularity and 10 minutes in the spotlight.

  • DarSco

    She should just shut up and cook. Make no statements about anything except cooking. If she discusses anything else she will be criticized. She is a senior citizen aged white person from the south, so we can sorta guess that maybe she used that word or knew someone who used that word. I mean get real people, we knew what times were like then. I’m not saying it was ok or is ok to hate someone.

  • Mdterp01

    First of all Queerty, its Paula DEEN, not DeAn. If you gonna talk bad about the woman at least spell her last name right, lol.

    @Raquel Santiago:

    Secondly, I pretty much agree with you on this. We love to tear people down when they are on top and then we also love to see a comeback story. We’re a bipolar nation lets face it. Regarding Paula Deen, as someone who is half black/half latino (and no I’m not saying your opinion matters any less because you are White) I definitely was offended by what she said, but certainly wasn’t shocked that a 60+ year old White woman raised in the deep south and who lived through Jim Crow and segregation would say such stupidness.

    I do think there is a point though where she needs to just fall back and be quiet. I agree that I don’t think Sam wants to be referred as “that black football player” either. Her previous desire to have a plantation wedding with black servants was a bit out there. Then, in another interview she was doing one of those “my black friend” bits and asked her “black friend” to come from near the blackboard because he was so dark people couldn’t see him due to him blending in with the board. At this point I just say Jesus take the wheel from her. Let her just be quiet and get back to cooking all that unhealthy food that some people love.

    With that said though Raquel, I also understand that group of people who don’t want to forgive her and were very offended by her statements. While I don’t think her career should’ve taken the hit it did, you don’t get to tell people when to get over it. I especially can’t stand it when people who are anything other than Black are trying to tell us when to get over a racial situation that has to do with us. Not a good idea. If you are over it then good for you, but its not so easy for others.

  • Mdterp01

    That was quick on the correction of her name Queerty. Nice to know someone is at the wheel often. ;-)

  • Cam

    And the fake Deen defenders are in here pretending that this was all about her supposedly using a racial slur one time. No, the reason all her sponsors dropped her is because the lawsuit and witnesses reported discrimination and physical attacks etc… at her restaurant. The slurs was incidental.

    But it was nice of her to point out that the basketball player was black, because you know, Deen doesn’t notice race now does she?

    So stop pretending that this is about a slur, and shame on anybody for pretending that she is the victim.

  • hotshot70

    Paula Deen’s a fat unhealthy pig. She will choke on her butter and fat and die before long, so let’s just wait her out. Now if only those homophobic Duck Dynasty a**holes would accidently choke on her high fat foods.

  • enfilmigult

    @Raquel Santiago: “one person makes a mistake and we tear them apart…”

    I hardly think a mere lack of a multi-million dollar business is being “torn apart,” but okay. Well, I already thought she was a pretty horrible person for keeping her diabetes a secret from the public so she could continue making a fortune from encouraging people to make and eat food that will give you diabetes. Is that acceptable to you?

  • Ruhlmann

    “I don’t care what you say about me just spell my name right” P.T. Barnum

  • ED49

    @hotshot70: You might need to sit on a broom sweet heart; so much anger.

    Paula D. was used by society just like Martha S. She has the right to make all the money she can make, she has the right to apologize and, who whatever doesn’t like her turn off the channel, don’t buy her products. She has the right to move on.

  • ED49


  • Mdterp01


    Madonna got read for that by many, including me, and she apologized. I guess she thought having a Black child gave her a pass. It doesn’t.

  • jckfmsincty

    Her biggest threat to African-Americans is her recipes.

  • northwest

    Always hated all the fawning over Paula Deen and her southern schtick. I always sensed there was something nasty and phony about her and I was proven right. She really should shove some more food in her mouth and stop talking.

  • Cam


    Why do you keep lying about the situation? Nobody is saying she doesn’t have the right to make money. They are saying that she is a terrible person and a rac-ist, and her sponsors who actually got a look at the real facts of the lawsuit dropped her when they saw the accusations about multiple civil rights violations and physical attacks at her restaurant.
    If you want to go buy her cookbook because you support her and admire her behavior nobody is saying you can’t. But you also do not get to scream and yell and freak out that others do not want to buy her cookbooks.
    Oh, and let me save you a little money. Take a normal recipe, double the amount of butter and sugar in it, and you have her recipe.

  • Lane103

    I always liked her, but I said it before and I will say it again….she needs a good publicists to coach her, because she just keeps putting her foot in her mouth….

    Someone should be telling her if they ask this, say that….

    It’s what all smart celibrities and politicians do…..don’t think these other people are all sweet and cotton candy, they are coached…

  • ED49

    @jckfmsincty: NO, Madonna DIDN’T, SHE DIDN’T LOSE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and she should have had the guts to apologize on national tv. Madonna is a user, a vulgar whore at 55 she opens her legs to express herself and yet she has the nerve to make a video about peace, love, morality . Paula D. resented been robbed at gunpoint in a bank years ago by a black man and she was honest enough to say she had said the word. whos is the hypocrite ?

  • Cam


    Again, why do you keep lying? The fact that you aren’t being honest about the Deen situation makes it seem as though you have an agenda.

    Again, this isn’t about her claim that she used the n word once years ago…after “of course” being robbed. Her sponsors would never have dumped her over that.

    This was about how her sponsors got a look at the multiple claims of multiple civil rights violations and physical attacks in her restaurant some by her brother.

    The fact that you keep trying to avoid the truth is very telling. Also telling is how you get angry at people saying things about Deen, but have no problem calling Madonna a vulgar whore. LOL

  • ED49

    @Cam: I dont get mad baby love, none of these people put money on my bank account, but, i do have an opinion.Paula D’s sponsors jumped the ship like rats when it was sinking and they dont really care about morals , they care about people not buying their products by association. And you what baby love,I like her, I forgave her when i saw her on tv and how I feel it’s what matters in this situation. And yes, I forgave Paula and I think Madonna is a whore who embarrases the country internationally.

  • rmosher315

    Oh. My. God. Is this really all there is to talk about? She apologized. Please move on.

  • Cam


    But you still haven’t explained why you keep lying and pretending that Deen’s troubles are because of her comment that she once used the N word. When that isn’t the case. But nice try.

  • ED49

    @Cam: Dear Forrest Gump, I have nothing to explain, bla,bla

  • Cam


    You keep claiming that this is all about her saying one slur years ago, I have pointed out that her sponsors dropped her because of the multiple revelations in the Lawsuit, and yet you keep pretending that isn’t the case.

    When I point that out, you name call and get angry. The response of a liar caught in a lie. If you had a valid reason you wouldn’t have to resort to name calling and getting angry now would you.

    Sorry that calling out your lie upset you so much.

  • Mezaien

    The real question is why she is fat?.

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