Pea-Brain Radio Host Tells Listener To Have Friends Rape His Gay Daughter

Shock jocks are paid to make outrageous statements, but Dominic Dieter (left) of WMMS 100.7 FM in Cleveland went too far when he advised a listener to arrange for his daughter’s rape if she turned out to be gay.

On Friday, Dieter—one of the Einsteins on WMMS’ Rover’s Morning Glory show—read an email from a man who said he saw his daughter kissing a girl. Dieter advised the father that “you should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight.”

Oh, so that’s what reparative therapy is!

GLAAD’s Aaron McQuade was not having it:

“It was appalling and dangerous for this show to tell a father that he should have one of his friends rape his daughter. That’s essentially how Dieter responded to this listener, and this is no laughing matter in a world where people are too often the victims of violence and sexual assault based on their actual or perceived sexual orientation.

Dieter gave this vile advice to everyone who was listening, including educators, parents and children —sending the message that it’s okay to physically or sexually abuse people who are perceived to be gay.”

GLAAD is calling for Dieter’s suspension, along with an apology and a segment on Morning Glory about gay teens coming out to their parents. A petition site is calling for Dieter to be fired outright. If you want to weigh in, WMMS General Manager Gary Mincer can be reached at 216-520-2600 or via [email protected].

It’s worth noting Dieter has proven his idiocy several times before: In 2010, while working at 92.3 FM, Dieter took a dare to climb in a barrel and be rolled down a hill. He flew out halfway down and had to be taken to the hospital. In the clip below, he agreed to dance around in a jockstrap in a restaurant.

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  • Leslie

    Anyone who thinks Dieter should be fired can email the station at this email address: [email protected]

  • ChattyKathy

    what an ass

  • Troy

    I sent a very nice message. I really hope I can meet the guy on the street. It would be a very interesting comversation to say the least.

  • Alexi3

    We must all demand that this man be fired and bombard the station,their advertisers, the city of cleveland’s mayor, their newspapers, their city council, their tourist bureau; the Govenor of Ohio, his public relations office and the state tourist bureau. If moral indignation won’t move them hitting them in their pocket books will. I know not all of us are fans of everything GLAAD does, but, we must get behind them on this one. Mr. Dieter has crossed way over the line. This isn’t about political correctness; this is about preventing violence.

  • MikeE

    He should be arrested for inciting to commit felony assault.

  • Mark

    Last time I looked, Cleveland was in OH, not WI.

  • jason

    I’d screw Dieter.

  • jason

    Well, a lot of you gay guys tolerate the objectification of lesbians by sleazy straight guys, so there’s a touch of hypocrisy about your outrage. Why haven’t you spoken out against the straight porn industry and this objectification?

  • Jerry

    @jason: Thing is, they (the lesbians you speak of who get objectified by straight guys) can defend and take care of themselves. This guy’s daughter can’t fend off grown ass men who this radio jerk was suggesting get RAPED by. There is no correlation between the two.

  • Clockwork

    Yes a sleazy comment, irregardless of the sexual orientation of any individual.

    When calling someone out it’s important to be accurate. He did not suggest or recommend rape. One could state that he possible suggested statutory rape, which GLAAD should add
    to its complaint.

  • tjr101

    I’m sure he calls himself a Christian, what a dumbass!

  • Oh, ok

    @Jerry: Jason is a troll who frequently posts against women…especially gay women. Don’t bother replying to him. He makes crap up on the fly just to get a rise out of people, I’m pretty certain he’s a Queerty staffer.

  • n900mixalot

    I am being lazy … what exactly did he say? Scew her straight or the big R? Both are creepy, but one goes MUCH farther than the other.

  • Geri

    @jason: There’s really no such thing as the “straight porn industry”. It’s a figment of your imagination Jason. All porn is “queer” one way or another.Even Hugh Hefner is bisexual.

    And as for this a-hole DJ he’s a f****** kinky piece of sh*t.

  • Kenny

    I wouldn’t think that dancing or rolling down a hill in a barrel are problems… I mean yes they’re stupid, but if Ellen or Neil Patrick Harris did it, we’d applaud them for being so free spirited… However talking about rape so light heartedly is awful, rape jokes in general are offensive, but to talk about having someone rape someone to turn them straight, especially their own daughter is disgusting beyond words.

    I understand that not everyone accepts people with open arms, so saying ‘maybe it’s a phase but accept them regardless’ isn’t always the answer… but imagine if the guy did take this to heart and it happened… It’d be one thing to be like, ‘You saw her kissing a girl? why not get one of your friends to flirt with her, compliment her and see what happens’ instead of try to force themselves upon someone who I’m guessing wouldn’t be into it and never asked for it.

    Disgusted with the whole thing, this kind of attitude isn’t alright, even if it was a straight girl who was shy and inexperienced, oh cheer her up with an old dudes cock! Still isn’t alright

  • Daez

    I really don’t get the outrage of people that get shocked at shock jocks. Anyone that thinks this DJ would give logical advise is the problem. If the father honestly wrote this letter, he is the one that people should be outraged at. The job of this shock jock is to say the most outrageous things possible to piss off the most people possible. Doing this gets him listeners. Now, thanks to your little boycott or what have you, you most likely gave this station and this DJ more attention than they could have afforded. On an national level no less.


  • Scott

    It is a crime to ask someone to commit a crime. Arrest him.

  • RLS

    Ok look what he said was completely idiotic and stupid, but I’m gonna play devils advocate here. I mean, can ANYONE say ANYTHING anymore?

    I’m all for equal rights but when we have people like GLAAD becoming the gay thought police it gets to be a bit much. Some radio DJ in Cleveland says something stupid and all of a sudden a national org needs to get involved?

    I know I’ll get flamed, but things like this just make me uncomfortable.

  • The Man Is Sh*t But...

    The man is total scum, inarguably. But am I the only one who found the affixed video hot? Maybe I’m just messed up, but I enjoyed that muscle butt very much.

  • Hephaestion

    GLAAD is not thought police. People can think whatever they want,and they can say it, too.

    However, they can’t say it on the radio.

  • jason

    You’re not truly interested in this lesbian woman’s welfare. You’re simply using this incident to make nice with women, one of your partners in the liberal coalition.

    As I said earlier, you allow the trivialization of lesbianism by accepting the grubby porn industry’s sexist and exploitative attitude to lesbianism in general. Maybe it’s because many of you guys are porn addicts, and thus don’t want to criticize porn.

  • hf2hvit

    @The Man Is Sh*t But…: How about a nice gang bang on his ass??? He’d probably like it

  • Snottyboy

    I know its sick, even and wrong but I’d still let him go balls deep.

    Then I’d superglue his dick to his stomach

  • Codswallop

    @Clockwork: He might not have used the word “rape” but c’mon, let’s not be disingenuous here. He didn’t say “seduce” or anything about her consenting to the father’s friend “screwing her straight.” And unfortunately the practice of sexually assaulting lesbians, as punishment or an effort to “show them what they’re missing” is common enough to have it’s own term, “corrective rape.” It happens throughout the Third World and it happens in the US and the West too, raping a woman to punish her for being a lesbian.

    I’m usually on the side of those who think “PC” has gone too far, that we’ve become too easily offended, but this is a really really ugly “joke.”

  • Robert in NYC

    And this asshat I bet is a staunch republican!

  • James

    It’s funny how GLAAD calls for this guy to be suspened but they called for Roland Martain to be fire.Double standard.

  • shannon


  • btseven

    He should have his junk removed, so he can be the real pussy that he is!

  • Clockwork

    >GLAAD is not thought police. People can think whatever they want,and they can say it, too.
    >However, they can’t say it on the radio.

    Solid comment

  • JohnAGJ

    Well given his previous exploits you mention, I’d say we’re dealing with a narcissitic mental midget.

  • Tim

    GLADD is going off a report they received from a member. Before I make a judgement, I’d actually like to hear what he said, or read a transcript. Either way, they sure gave this obscure radio host a lot of publicity and street cred.

  • Alan Brickman

    Remember free speech people?….Everyone is beginning to sound crazier and crazier on this site…..

  • Alan Brickman

    He’s hawt!! Make him “mornings good” too so everyone can get jealous/crazy on there too!!!

  • REG

    An economic boycot should be effective, find out who owns the station
    at the corporate level and tell them why we are refusing to be associate with
    any entity associated with “Rover’s Morning Glory Hole”. They will get the
    message quickly enough!

  • Good Wood

    Guess what, folks? As Americans, we’re granted a lot of rights, but one we’re NOT granted is the right to never be offended. Get over your hyper-sensitivity. Screwing a lesbian straight is not a new concept, nor is it exclusively this man’s suggestion. Lordy.

  • David Ehrenstein

    “Jason” is a troll who frequently posts at Towleroad.

  • tj

    First, the “Rover” show is national… so it’s based in Cleveland but is on the air in multiple cities. This is why this easily made national news, and its even more ignorant. But nothing surprises me no more when it comes to dumb radio. Rover show was on in chicago before the station changed formats, and never made good ratings here. Now you see why.

  • Belize

    @jason: “Well, a lot of you gay guys tolerate the objectification of lesbians by sleazy straight guys.”

    What? Oh. I get it. We should totally stop lesbians from appearing in straight porn for the sake of your boner, right? Without lesbian action in straight porn, you can rent your straight videos and not worry about having to suffer through a little girl-on-girl action. We all know you can’t rent gay porn instead. What would your beard say if she found out? She might decide to make you sleep in the barn again.

    PS though. Just in case it takes too long for us to take the lesbians out of straight porn, you might want to learn how to use the fast forward button. I’m sure you’ll end up finding a faceless dick there somewhere. ;) A tip from a friend.

    Anyway, JayKay, my lover, would like you “liberal queens” to know that you “liberal queens” should not be offended by the statement of the pea-brain WI radio host because clearly it was said in the heat of the moment. You “liberal queens” are making macho, beard marrying gay guys like him and Jason look like totally uncool wimps by being offended by something that is as harmless as their comments.

  • Belize

    @David Ehrenstein: And here I was thinking he wouldn’t have time to visit other gay sites since he already has at least a couple of trolling accounts here. Gotta love his creativity.

    Jason. JayKay… it’s, like, pure genius man.

  • anthony

    @Alan Brickman: Free speech is not as broad as you think it is. If you say certain things that are considered indecent by the general public that is cause for legal action. Look up the legal statues in depth and you will see.

  • jason

    The simple fact is that you gay guys are the world’s biggest hypocrites. You tolerate the exploitation of lesbianism by sleazy straight guys. You barely say a word when women are encouraged to perform lesbian scenes for the benefit of sleazy straight guys in porn movies.

    Of course, I’m not letting the women off the hook here. The women who perform these acts are vile themselves.

    Perhaps you gay guys need to be a bit less hypocritical.

  • nikz

    Nice ass :D

  • David Ehrenstein

    @RLS: “I mean, can ANYONE say ANYTHING anymore?”



    Boooooooo!! @video, and that’s one dirty ass jock strap, he could have bought a clean one.

  • Mark

    Ignoring what stupid said or what stupid’s day job is, if I saw him he’d get a Sharon Needles’ “Oh my. Have you done porn?” from me.

  • Timmmeeeyyy

    @Good Wood:
    “Guess what, folks? As Americans, we’re granted a lot of rights, but one we’re NOT granted is the right to never be offended. ”

    Dieter has the right to say whatever offensive things he wants (as we have seen). And we have the right to call him out on it, and choose where we want to spend our money and who we want to listen to/do business with. Freedom of speech does not grant you freedom from consequences.

  • Frank

    Wow, this is the problem with the gay community. This guy totally goes in on a man’s young daughter and we got queens drooling talking about how hot the DJ is and how they want to do him. With priorities like that it’s non wonder it’s taken us so long to get equal rights in this country.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville


    True colors jason?

    “The simple fact is that YOU GAY GUYS are the world’s biggest hypocrites.” (Caps emphasis mine.)

    “You gay guys” really, so you are just another sleazy straight troll posting your misogynist bullshit, and I wouldn’t be shocked to learn you are actually a self-hating woman!

  • NateB79

    All I get out of this is that you have one of those sleazy straight guys that think a woman is only a lesbian because she hasn’t been d*cked the right way yet. He’s clearly a misogynist but I don’t get the rape suggestion.

  • Dee

    @Mark: Yeah, because everyone knows that there can’t be two places in the world that have the same name. Like Lansing New York and Michigan, for example. Or, another example being Cleveland Ohio and Wisconsin. Durrrrrr.

  • Daniel

    Is there a Cleveland in Wisconsin? Yes. Is it the same Cleveland that this article is referring to? No. WSSM is a radio station in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Neither makes me feel great. I currently live in Wisconsin and had lived in Ohio for roughly six years.

    See the following link:

  • Katrina Monaghan

    Gay or not, that’s a very terrible comment…especially world wide, what an idiot

  • jacktripper10

    who cares where the radio station is. point still being that there can be 2 places with the same name

  • Daniel

    @jacktripper10: What point, exactly? My point was that the article (I believe they removed it from the title, but it is still reflected in the URL) is incorrect to say that he is a WI radio host. WMMS is a radio station in Cleveland, Ohio, and therefore, he is an OH radio host.

    Please, do tell me. Which point are you referring to? Can there be 2 places with the same name? Yes… I noted that in my previous comment. Does it make it correct to use them interchangeably? I would think not.

  • Dana

    ^^^Whoa. Seems like people are fighting the wrong battles…

  • W


    Most of the women who go into porn sign a consent form. It might be objectification, but it’s not rape. What this sorry excuse of a “human being” suggested is not only objectification, but rape.

    I am a gay man who speaks against ANY form of non-consensual sexual violence, and that includes non-con sexual violence against lesbian women. Heterosexual porn isn’t usually non-con sexual violence, and bringing it up is a red herring argument.

  • Valeria Mariscal

    Daez,for your information promoting violence it should be intolorable.There’s enough violence in this world,and we don’t need idots promoting more violence,ok! 2nd of all as a trnsexual it angers me to see all the hate there is thoards the LGBT community in these days!Wow! Choking!

  • Valeria Mariscal

    Wow,how sad that there are some people here saying that he’s hot or that you would do him.What te hell is wrong with you people.You must be as sick as him. I sweer to GOD if any guy would of talk to my little sister like that,i would take him to Mexico to my aunts and beat the hell out of him!!!

  • jonjon

    @Good Wood: You have got to be fucking kidding me. “Screwing a lesbian straight is not a new concept, nor is it exclusively this man’s suggestion.” So, what, because a really horrible, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, and violent idea didn’t originate with this person, it’s totally okay for him to advocate it? We shouldn’t be offended because he didn’t invent it, he just encouraged it! Get stuffed.

  • Geri

    I see the comment that I posted on Sunday exposing “jason” as the vile hypocrite he truly is was obviously blocked double quick and then removed by Queerty admin altogether. Which says a lot about how much Queerty really cares about Women’s Rights – unless Queerty is simply too stupid to comprehend the real implications of jason’s profound hatred of women in general and bisexual women in particular.

    Thread Title: “Does employ bisexual women who refuse to work with bisexual men?” posted by “jason4144”

    If jason4144 @Kink Com Forum isn’t one and the same person as jason then I’m the Vice President of the USA.

    Now let’s see if this post gets zapped too.

  • tim

    Get over it you fucking pussies. it was a best of. If nothing happened back then nothing should be happen now. You’re just looking for something to complain about.

  • Valeria Mariscal

    Tim how could you say that!!! This idiot is promoting violence and hate!! It should’t be tolerated,period!!

  • Daniel

    “Guess what, folks? As Americans, we’re granted a lot of rights, but one we’re NOT granted is the right to never be offended. Get over your hyper-sensitivity. Screwing a lesbian straight is not a new concept, nor is it exclusively this man’s suggestion. Lordy.”
    @Good Wood:

    Actually, take a look at what “the fighting words doctrine” is. You will find that the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution is not without exceptions. In a 9-0 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the case of Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire that “insulting or ‘fighting words,’ those that by their very utterance inflict injury or tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace” are among the limited instances of speech that the prevention and punishment of which does not raise any constitutional problem.

    In other words, inciting a breach of the peace through insults or verbal abuse is an offense that can bring charges.

  • Pearl

    Nip this guy in the bud before he turns into a disgusting Rush Limbaugh or a vile Glenn Beck.

  • Nina

    @Clockwork: Actually, if his daughter is gay, then being “screwed” by a man would likely be non-consensual. Thus, it would be RAPE.

  • E

    I want to headbutt him to death. What an absolute cretin.

  • Sam

    This is a hate crime not a joke by any stretch of the imagination.

    law enforcement must immediately intervene
    and i hope the one day sentence that he gets in jail will be his first homo encounter, regular rape or gangbang; choice is his.

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