Pee-wee Herman Gay Bashes Anderson Cooper

Pee-wee Herman and Anderson Cooper in a single Saturday Night Live digital short? With Pee-wee attacking Anderson on the street for no good reason? And then they wind up getting drunk together? I’m certain this is the fantasy of at least one of you.

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  • elle queue

    queerty, you suck. this headline is so offensive and the post is so stupid i’m cutting you out. blah.

  • DillonS

    Why did you deliberately use a misleading headline? Pee Wee did not smash a chair over Anderson Cooper for being gay. I think Queerty owes it to its readers to explain why they would use a headline like this. We’re waiting …

  • scott ny'er

    ok. the only time i laughed was when the chair told Anderson to “get the eff” off of me. Otherwise, like most SNL stuff, it wasn’t funny.

    I did like seeing Anderson and hearing him speak. There is just something about him. I’m hopelessly infatuated with him.

    And yes, Queerty TOTALLY should be sued for that headline. “Pee-wee Herman Gay Bashes Anderson Cooper.” Ummm, gay bashing. WTH? So, misleading.

  • Nate

    Sanderson Cooper is hot, thanks for letting me see him queerty :)
    But yes, the headline was extremely misleading, the we not gay bashing him, just bash him with a chair…there is a difference.

  • Max

    Seeing Peewee again, drunk.


    Seeing Peewee bash Anderson for NOT coming out.


  • skzip888

    They also did the same to a policeman. I don’t think it was “targeted”.

  • rrr

    @Max: Pee Wee just randomly attacked Anderson Cooper for a prank and then attacked a cop. He wasn’t attacking Anderson for not coming out.

    For that matter I’ve never seen Paul Reubens publicly identify or discuss his own sexuality or his character Pee Wee’s sexuality. He was caught masturbating in the theatre and then later charged with possession of child porn (the charges were dropped), but if he officially came out I didn’t see it.

  • ewe

    I don’t even get it. Why is PeeWee and And(rew)y being violent in the first place? Chair, Gay, Cop whatever…

  • Max

    RRR. I read more into than that but I can see how one might think there is no connection bashing a gay guy in a back alley. . . . Kinda.

  • rrr

    @Max: No offence, but I think you read in what you wanted to see without any supporting material there.

    They are on the street not a back alley when he attacks Anderson and there’s no sign of them knowing Anderson’s gay or having a problem connected with it. Adam thinks Anderson is straight in the skit and engages him in conversation about whether he’s done Barbara Walters while delaying him. Pee Wee proposes the attack and celebrates it as a childish prank not some hateful thing or grudge thing. When Anderson talks about his eyes being treasures they both agree immediately, which is not what gay bashers or people who hate him would do.

    Beyond that Paul Reubens is not publicly out as himself or Pee Wee as far as I know. How would it be logical for a not publicly out gay celebrity to be hypocritically attacking another gay celebrity on TV for not being publicly out either? And why would Anderson be willing to participate in a skit like that?

    The joke is the very randomness of the attack and how Pee Wee does something so over the top violent and unprovoked to a courteous celebrity bystander while Pee Wee and Adam treat it as a harmless hilarious laugh on their drunken bender. It’s just supposed to be a surprise and show how weird and out of control they are.

  • Derek

    @DillonS: I agree.

    Actually, misleading headlines are not exactly a rarity with Queerty.

  • Ryan

    Wow, Max. “For not coming out”? Seriously? That’s an amazing amount of projection, there.

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