Penis-Print Leggings Given New Meaning To “Members Only”

Some folks wear their heart on their sleeves but now, thanks to these turgid tights, you can wear your junk on your pants.

The penis-print leggings, which go for about $150, are the work of Dutch designer Bas Kosters, who has also created face-print scarves, monster-mouth prom dresses and psychedelic-cartoon baby buggies.

From his bio:

Born in 1977, Zutphen, The Netherlands, Bas Kosters was drawn to the world of art and fashion at a very young age. After graduating from Fashion and Clothing at the Rijn Ijssel College Arnhem in 1997, he attended Fashion Design at AKI Academy of Fine Arts in Enschede where he completed his degree with the collection ‘Containerkoninginnen’ (“Dumpster Queens”) in 2001.

If you’re in the Netherlands and want to see more of Kosters’ work, his installation “Transgender Genesis Party” runs at the Afrika Museum in Berg en Dal through November 4.

And if you’re a lady thinking about buying these cocky cullates, make sure you’re wearing good underwear: There’s nothing worse than penis pants and cameltoe.

Source: DListed