Pennsylvania Marriage Dispute Heats Up

These must be pretty tense times in Harrisburg, PA, where state Attorney General Kathleen Kane and Governor Tom Corbett are butting heads over those pesky marryin’ gays.

When a county official declared the state’s marriage ban unconstitutional and started issuing licenses, Kane agreed with him and said she wouldn’t defend the marriage ban in court. That gave Corbett an opening to play up his anti-equality credentials. He had his people issue an annoyed statement about Kane not doing her job. Kane office, for their part, replied that they do not need the governor’s help delineating their job responsibilities, thank you very much. And now things are probably pretty awkward in the cafeteria.

Meanwhile, couples are still getting married in Montgomery county, so congratulations to all the gay and lesbian Mennonites!

But that’s not the end of the excitement this week: Michigan is getting ready for a major ruling in a marriage case, and clerks have started de-gendering the marriage licenses just in case. And Illinois is scrambling to legalize marriage in its fall veto session, but it won’t be cheap: they have just a few weeks to raise $2 million for the effort.