Pennsylvania Will No Longer Treat Homosexuality As an Automatic Strike In Child Custody

With the just-decided M.A.T. v. G.S.T. case, the Pennsylvania Superior Court, in an en banc ruling (that means all judges heard the case), overturned two previous precedent-setting rulings from 1986 and 86 that had automatically slapped a scarlet letter on gays involved in child custody disputes.

The court’s ruling reads in part: “[W]e overrule both the holding and the reasoning in Constant and its progeny (including Pascarella and Barron), and conclude that a homosexual parent bears no special evidentiary presumption in a child custody case.”

Tony Infanti explains more here, but the main point: Courts will make custody decisions on what’s truly in the best interests of the children, and not on whether mommy or daddy is a gay.