Pennsylvania’s Senate Passes Anti-Gay Marriage Bill, But There’s a Hitch


Pennsylvania’s State Senate yesterday passed a bill defining marriage as a man-woman type of thing in a 38-12 vote. But there’s actually some good news in all this: because the Senate passed a different version of the anti-gay marriage bill than the House passed, it could cause a two-year delay as voters decide which version to approve.

The Senate amendment reads: “Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this Commonwealth.”

The House version includes a provision some say not only bans gay marriage but also outlaws other domestic partnerships, such as civil unions. […]

The House version passed June 6 by a 136-61 vote, but the Senate Judiciary Committee stripped the provision about domestic partnerships, with one Republican arguing it was unnecessary and confusing to constitutional scholars and voters.

Also worth noting: If the House of Representatives’ version became law, some argue a gay couple could get a civil union in another state, then return to Pennsylvania and challenge the law.

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