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Pentagon: Fine, Let Those Homos Apply To Join the Military

There should be no more people like Omar Lopez, being turned away by military recruitment offices just for being gay, the Pentagon has advised. Or maybe not: Must recruitment offices also accept applications from previously discharged soldiers?

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  • Gary B.

    Man Queerty, I know all your “articles” aren’t fully realized stories, but could you maybe try to do a little better than stringing a couple of incoherent sentences together and slapping a title on it? It’s embarrassing.

  • Ryan

    How many gay people are actually running to join? Ahahahaha

  • the crustybastard

    I’m more curious about how many straight soldiers have recently tendered their resignation on grounds of conscientious objection to serving with gays?

    I was assured it would be legions.

  • Yet Another

    You wouldn’t know this was a good thing from Queerty’s trademarked bitchiness.

  • DR

    It will be interesting to see what happens. By all press accounts Choi is attempting to re-enlist, and I have to wonder how many others might. I would certainly try if I were in that position.

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