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Pentagon Invites 350 Troops To Chit Chat About the Fags Among Them

Today at the Pentagon, some 350 “rank-and-file” soldiers assembled into an auditorium for a town hall meeting on what’s in store for the future — in ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Amazingly, none of the soldiers ran out of the room screaming “It’s going to make the terrorists stronger!”

“Attendees of the Tuesday session said that one female Marine stated that bunking with a lesbian would be the same as being told to share a room with a man,” relays the AP. “A soldier said he didn’t want to wade into the political debate and that he would follow orders. Another service member asked if a gay service member who gets married — now forbidden under law — would receive military family benefits. At one point, a moderator asked how many troops believed they have served with a gay person. About half the people in the audience raised their hands.”

Know what that means? At least half of those troops would be negatively impacted in the military cleaned house of gay soldiers. And that’s a conservative estimate.