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Pentagon RSVPs For Dinner Party With Gay Soldiers’ Partners. Is It Bring Your Own Beer, Or Bring Your Own Queer?

On Sept. 16 the Pentagon’s DADT working group will sit down with homosexual persons, heretofore known as “the same-sex partners of military personnel.” This appears to be the Pentagon’s way of equaling out all the feedback they’re getting from straight soldiers’ spouses. The meeting, organized by Servicemembers United, is good I guess? The Defense Department must think so; it said meeting with gay partners is a “high priority,” and we know that in military jargon, “high priority” means “DEFCON 1 ANIMATEDSIREN.GIF!” This should go well, so long as the Pentagon isn’t made aware of whom these people are in relationships with. You know, because that “getting kicked out of the military for accidentally revealing you’re gay” is a sonofabitch.