Pentagon Supports “Gay” Fashions!

The Evangelicals are crusading in Iraq, but not for Iraqi souls. The Pentagon recently approved the appropriately – and disturbingly – named Operation Straight Up Tour: “an evangelical entertainment troupe that actively proselytizes among active-duty members of the US military.”


In addition to “saving” soldier’s souls – and passing out our favorite apocalyptic video game, Left Behind: Eternal Forces – the OSU Tour sells a wide range of – well – not so straight “Christian soldier” t-shirts.

Journo Jonathan Hutson writes:

This Christian soldier is a bare-chested, bald bear of a man with buff biceps and impeccable pecs, whose dog tags sparkle against his rippling six pack. Clad only in black bicycle shorts and loosely laced combat boots, he is kneeling, holding his automatic rifle upright and burnishing the barrel with a tight grip. Too good to be real, he’s pure fantasy: a pair of cherubic wings sprouts from his brawny back. He conjures the homoerotic drawings of Tom of Finland, who liked to portray muscular military men. Ironically, he’s featured on the official staff T-shirt of the (ahem) Operation Straight Up Tour, a conservative Christian entertainment troupe promoted by the Pentagon that evangelizes “tough men” in uniform.

That shirt sure does look a bit suspect. Although, like all right wing Christians, they got it backwards: the fist goes in the ass, not the face. Sheesh. These people need some guidance.