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Pentagon Suspects Bradley Manning, Lady Gaga In the Leak of 100,000 Secret Afghanistan Documents

As you might’ve guessed, Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, the possibly trans Wikileaks source, is the Pentagon’s lead suspect in the release of a trove of documents that detail what American soldiers in Afghanistan do on a regular basis. The 22-year-old, in prison at a U.S. base in Kuwait, moved his digital treasures — which were classified at the lowly “secret” level — on a supposed burned Lady Gaga CD.

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  • ousslander

    isn’t what he did treason and don’t they still hang people for that? one could hope…


    @ousslander: 100% Co-sign. What makes this whole thing worse is this little scumbag is supposdly trans…….just what the pro DADT side needs to rile up more anti-Gay rhetoric regarding our “fitness” to serve………

  • Nick perez

    The Army will probably throw the book at him pretty badly–justifiably so. He’ll spend quite a few years in a not-so-nice place called Fort Leavenworth.


    To those who are so quick with the thumbs down buttons please remember whether you agree or disagree with the war putting soldiers in harms way is a cowardly way to express your feelings on the matter. There are both straight and Gay soldiers that are affected by the actions of whoever did this. Evidence seems to point to not so Manning. And again his links to our community bring hurt to all the Gays…………

  • look at the info

    doesnt the info have so much on the negative and ugly side of th war and the killing of innocent people?

    war and 70% of our federal spending on armies is not good or a country that we want to have when health and education resources are so low

  • HiYoSilva

    Jeez, can’t believe how the propaganda machine has infiltrated even the LGBT. Governmen, THE worst offender and greatest threat to GLBT liberty and yet we’ want to die for it in their conquest of foreign lands and oil. What Pfc Manning did is an act of heroism as great a hero as Pat Tillman was portrayed. Yes, DADT will take a hit. I say good! Gay people especially openly gay shouldn’t be dying for unconstitutional wars to benefit the corporate pentagon military industrial complex. Eventually, DADT will be shown to be as wrong and it too shall fall to the wayside and the major reason will be Pfc Bradley Manning!! Hang in there we support you!!!

  • shlong

    TO #6 The biggest supporters of this Manning traitor come from the left of the left LGBT community as also evidenced here by the comments and ratings. The DOD and the government will be very weary of allowing gay men into highly sensitive intelligence positions even more so because of this selfish, undisciplined scum. Why are a great number of gay men so susceptible to anti-government, anti-military Chomsky philosophies? They are against the Afghan war but yet conveniently ignore whom we are helping in Afghanistan and conveniently forget what the Taliban does to gay people. Maybe a lot gay people like you don’t care about fate of ethnic people that don’t have blond hair and twinkish bodies?

    The Taliban has announced that they are combing through the secret documents to find Afghan names so that they can kill informants and their families that worked with the U.S./NATO to liberate their country from Muslim fanatical regime and Taliban gang. Manning is no hero; like his Assange asshole, he has a lot of blood on his hand–blood of brave NATO troops and Afghans who are even more brave for wanting to liberate their country from oppressive Taliban regime.

    Manning deserves the death penalty because of him a lot of Afghans will be murdered by the Taliban and a lot of NATO troops will be put at greater risk.

  • Deborah

    What does being gay or not have to do with this issue? A traitor, is a traitor, is a traitor!

  • Jessica

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: I am with you 100% and I am straight… I hate how the gay community is so discriminated against.. everyone is a person no matter who they love or what they look like.. My brother is gay and has had a hard time of it where we live… And it just sucks that 1 person can go and make things 10x harder for you all..

  • Jessica

    @Deborah: Because those uppity anti-gay people will use this as a reason that gay people are unstable and cannot be trusted. Believe it or not it is true. If it was a straight woman who had leaked all the info there wouldn’t be any question about if women were capable of serving, but over the years there has been many issues brought up of gays serving in the military. There has been issues about women too but is more easily accepted then gays. Homophobic people will use this as a reason not to allow gay men in. Why do you think there are so many men out there who hide it? There have been football stars who have hid it because of the discrimination still out there.. It seems like for some reason people need someone to discriminate against, and for the past 10 years the gay community has been the prime focal point.

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