Pentagon Web Filters Block HRC, LGBT News, But Okay Hate Sites

soldier at computerQueerty reported earlier this week on the Pentagon’s Internet filters, which are blocking sites like AmericaBlog, Good as You and Queerty under the label “LGBT.”

We’ve encountered similar blocks in the past, usually because the filter can’t distinguish between news sites and porn portals. But as AmericaBlog reports, this block “is one used not to ban sexually explicit material.” To wit: HRC’s blog is blocked as well. It’s been reported the websites of hate groups like the American Family Association and the neo-Nazi organization Stormfront haven’t been banned, though.

We’re going to be generous and say this is just the fault of some lazy guy in IT who hasn’t updated the Pentagon’s Internet service since the end of DADT.

Let’s get on that, shall we?

Photo: U.S. Army

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