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Pentagon’s DADT Survey Demands Soldiers Speculate If They Serve With Any Of Them Queers

First of all: THIRTY-TWO PAGES! That’s how many screens the Pentagon expects some 400,000 troops to flip through just to send them their thoughts on homosessual soldiers. I wouldn’t even make it to the end if there was a free $10 Starbucks card offered upon completion. But that’s not the worst part of this stupid thing.

Servicemembers United’s big problem with the survey (PDF), according to a release, is the use of “homosexual” because it’s such a “clinical term” — though the survey does note “throughout this survey, ‘gay or lesbian’ and ‘homosexual’ are used interchangeably.” My big problem with it is how active duty and reserve troops are literally being asked if they “believe” any of their comrades to be gay. While we’re at it, do you “believe” any of them might be white supremacists?

And let’s not forget the importance of soldiers’ social lives — and how knowing actual homosexuals walked among them might infringe on their movie watching and ping pong tournaments.

Can’t we just ask the question military leaders are really concerned about: Are you any less likely to risk your life and fight to the death with a soldier you know to be gay?