maggie gallagher

“People are waking up in a America where suddenly their deepest core moral convictions — they’re being told are immoral and should be the legal equivalent of racism”

SOUNDBITES — “People are waking up in a America where suddenly their deepest core moral convictions — they’re being told are immoral and should be the legal equivalent of racism. It’s pretty striking and people are pretty scared.” —NOM chief Maggie Gallagher, speaking Wednesday at the CATO Institute’s panel on conservatism, after taking what appears to be a decades-long nap, from which she’s awoken to see America has actually grown in its promise for equal rights for all Americans (via)

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  • David

    “Deepest core” bigotry. Asshole. I hope she lives long enough to feel shame over this.

  • Devon


    >Implying creatures like Maggie Gallagher are capable of feeling human emotions

  • ChrisM

    What a stupid bitch. These bigots are so hypocritical. Besides the fact that she’s crying about people telling her it’s wrong to discriminate against others, she says

    “People are waking up in a America where suddenly their deepest core MORAL convictions — they’re being told are IMMORAL…”

    Oh no! Someone is telling you that YOU are immoral for thinking that other people are immoral for wanting to be with the same sex? Only YOU should get to call other people immoral. What kind of scary America is this where people don’t agree with you, and things aren’t catered specifically and solely to you?

    America has always been about moving towards equal rights for all, Maggie. Your so-called moral convictions don’t take precedence over another person’s due process.

  • Robert, NYC

    I had an email exchange with her a few weeks ago. One of the questions I put to her was….”if you had a child who happened to be gay, would you vote against his or her rights and would you be comfortable having your child discriminated against? She refused to respond to it and changed the subject. That tells you the kind of subhuman she is.

  • returned

    Those scared people she talks about? Are they the faces she sees in the morning in front of the mirror?

  • Mark

    I love how people keep talking about “traditional” marriage, do they mean the kind of marriage where a wife can legally own no property? Where a husband can beat a wife with impunity? Where a husband has the legal right to demand and receive sex on demand? Yes under common law, a husband by definition cannot be found guilty of raping his wife.
    DO they mean marriage without divorce? Do they mean marriage limited to only members of your own race? Do they mean marriage without divorce?

    These people love to embrace a changing definition of marriage when it serves them. They are BIGOTS plain and simple. Just because someone has held a belief since childhood, that doesn’t mean its right or moral. Think of poor Columbus’s sailors, when they didn’t sail over the edge of the earth.

  • bobito

    She’s got a point – it IS scary to find that what you consider your “deepest core moral positions” are nothing more than simple prejudice and ignorance. Most people want to believe they’re pretty decent human beings – that’s why it’s such a rude “awakening” for them to find out they’ve been assholes all along, and now more people are recognizing them as such.

  • Brian En Guarde

    You started this fight Maggie. You came out of your church into the public realm demanding that gays not be considered EQUAL under the law. I pay taxes, and you demanded that I be taxed, but not be given the same governmental benefits you enjoy — LESS THAT WHAT YOU HAVE.

    You started it, we are going to finish it.

  • terrwill

    Maggot, your 15 minutes have officially expired. Take your hate filled mouth, vile disposition, distrubing looking face, and crawl back under the bridge you slithered from under and disappear

  • Chitown Kev


    And racism, for some people, was (and for some, still is) a deep “core moral conviction.”

    The (white) churches were some of the biggest proponents in maintaining slavery and Jim Crow.

  • stevenelliot

    Dear Maggie. Go eat a ham and cheese sandwich. It’ll make you feel better….

  • Cam

    Gee, just like the plantation owners were told that their deepest moral convictions of white superiority and the rightous cause of slavery was immoral…guess what, they had to deal with it Maggie. You don’t get to be a bigot just because you say that you believe it deeply.

  • romeo

    @ Cam: I second that. Again, it’s amazing how the worst oppressors always try to play the victim. She knows what gay people face and how they’re forced to live. She doesn’t give a shit. Doesn’t make her a “values” spokesperson, just a garden variety cunt.

  • Bill S

    Homophobia and religeous snobbery are core moral convictions?

  • SoylentDiva

    If your “deepest core moral convictions” involve withholding basic human rights from other people just because you don’t like them then you are immoral, and you are the legal equivalent of racists. Sorry if the truth hurts, Naggie.

  • Michael

    The Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality. The correct translation of Leviticus says ‘do not lay with a man on a woman’s bed’ (Google it (“as with” actually means “bed”)) and the abomination, “toebah”, can only be found in the Bible to condemn idolatry. Paul never said ‘sex between men’ in Corinthians (which used to list the offense as masturbation less than a hundred years ago), Romans is letter condemning Pagan idolatry and S&G is a story about attempted rape (which, btw, if the men were homosexual Lot would have offered his sons, and not his daughters, to the mob). Jesus even said of a gay man (the Roman Centurion who wanted to heal his younger male slave), “Never have I seen faith greater than this” and Christ even wanted to go hang out at the guy’s house.

    I think Anne Lamott said it best:
    You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.

  • Bill S

    @Michael: True dat. The people who think it’s their “duty” to warn others that they’re going to hell never expect to be going there themselves.
    It’s awfully convenient that the God they’ve chosen to believe in always shares their bigotry, and, even more conveniently, that God never tells them to just shut the fuck up.

  • Daniel

    I think the proper saying would be “Millions upon millions of Americans are waking up each day realizing their human rights have been violated by opportunistic individuals making money off it under the guise of religiosity. And why should millions upon millions of Americans put up with that?”

  • Daniel

    She’s like Mike Huckabee. They rant about gay marriage leading to polygamy and then conveniently forget that the so-called “heroes” of the religion they push were polygamists (Moses, Abraham, King David, Solomon, etc). Mike Huckabee is a Christian preacher who has spent a good portion of his life glorifying these polygamists. Gay people didn’t start that religion! It should be gay people (and straight allies) saying Christianity (as well as Judaism and Islam) will lead to polygamy – look they already venerate polygamists to children! They are such hypocrites trying to blame gays for something their religion started!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    In the future, these sentences, these gems, will be held up for all to shake their heads at in awe. Keep flapping, Maggie. The more you talk, the more justified we become. You make intolerance and bigotry towards us more real. The last gasps of a dying NOMmonster. People are starting to catch on. You may be able to draw some sheep into your crusade, just as any hate instigator can, but soon you and your intolerant crew will be shelved. Yes, shelved, just like that dusty jar with the aged patina, in biology class, with extinct species floating in formaldehyde. The young Americans will sneak furtive glances at your jar and ogle. That’s your future Maggie. I hope you like the smell of formaldehyde. You are going extinct.

  • soul_erosion

    Hey Maggie, remember that video you made with the MONKey in the robe at your little celebrate marriage picnic (without your husband in attendance)? You told us you were going to New Hampshire & Iowa to spread your hate. Guess you didn’t realize there were people in those states with deeper core moral convictions than you profess to have & simply knew the difference between right & wrong. Did you run into Representative Nancy Elliott at Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig & help her with that “wiggle” speech? Could you be that undisclosed source that told her about the curriculum in the Nashua school system? That lie has NOM’s footprint stamped all over it. Aren’t you currently in contempt of a state court order in NH to resist subpoena and block your campaign disclosures and donor lists from being made public? Yes, Maggie, I can see why you & your people are “pretty scared.”

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