People Around The World Asked What They’d Do If Their Child Was Gay. The Answers May Shock You.

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We’re living in a time of unprecedented acceptance, both at home and abroad. But we’re still a long way off from the goal.

That is made all too clear in the below video, which asks people around the world what they would do if their child was gay.

The good news? The majority of the answers are spot-on — “I’d accept him,” “I’d tell him I love him,” ect. We especially love the outlook of the straight, older Irish fellow.

But then there are the answers like “I would take him to the doctor,” or worse, “I would kill him.”

We bet you can guess which parts of the world where those ideas still have roots.

Also, if the guy in the image above is really looking to settle down and start a family, he can call us whenever he wants.

Watch below: