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People can’t get enough of Nancy Pelosi biting into a meat stick and saying she wants to punch Trump out

Everyone is crushing on Nancy Pelosi today after the January 6 committee played seven minutes of never-before-seen footage of her remaining cool as a cucumber while taking charge during the deadly Capitol attack.

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The dramatic recording was captured by Pelosi’s daughter, journalist and filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, who happened to be at the Capitol that day recording a documentary for HBO.

The AP reports:

The recordings offer a rare glimpse into the real-time reactions of the most powerful members of Congress as they scrambled to drum up support from all parts of the government, including from agencies seemingly ill prepared for the chaos, and vented anger over a president whose conduct they felt had endangered their lives.

In the videos, Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer negotiate with governors and defense officials to try to get the National Guard to the Capitol as police were being brutally beaten outside the building.

The deployment of the Guard was delayed for hours as Trump stood by and did little to stop the violence of his supporters.

After yesterday’s hearing, which ended with the committee announcing it was subpoenaing ex-president Donald Trump, CNN broadcasted additional clips on Anderson Cooper‘s AC360. 

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Several snippets have been going viral all over social media today, including this one of a fired up Pelosi saying she wanted to punch Trump out for what he had done:

And this one of her ripping into a beef stick with her teeth while on the phone with Mike Pence (a girl’s gotta eat!):

Say what you want about the 82-year-old Speaker of the House, but there’s no denying she handled things like a total boss that day.

Now, some tweets…

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