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People are convinced Marsha Blackburn showed up to work drunk today

Marsha Blackburn is trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. Again.

The senator from Tennessee, who loves God and hates gay people, showed up to work today looking like, well, this…

OK, OK. Criticizing a person’s looks, even when they’re homophobic, is unkind. We apologize. Especially since Blackburn’s hair isn’t even the most outrageous part of this story. It’s what she said about one of President Biden’s judicial nominees during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that’s truly offensive.

Blackburn said she opposed the nomination of Andre Mathis, who is Black, to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit because of his extensive “rap sheet.”

“He has a rap sheet with a laundry list of citations, including multiple failures to appear in court,” she said. “In Tennessee, we expect our judges to respect the law. If Mr. Mathis thought he was above the law before, imagine how he’ll conduct himself if he’s confirmed as a federal judge.”

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A rap sheet is a list of someone’s previous arrests and convictions. In Mathis’ case, he doesn’t have any. But he did get three speeding tickets over a decade ago, one of which was for going 5 miles over the speed limit.

This, as seen from Blackburn’s white gaze, disqualifies him from being a judge, even though Mathis paid the tickets and hasn’t gotten another one since.

Speaking before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the nominee said he regretted his decade-old speeding tickets were even being brought up during the hearing.

“I highly regret that I’m in this situation,” he said. “I feel like I’ve embarrassed my family. While I deserve this, they don’t.”

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Adding yet another layer of absurdity to the situation is the fact that Blackburn herself was pulled over by Capitol Police just last year and flashed her congressional pin to get out of being ticketed.

After Blackburn’s remarks, Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois mocked her by saying, “Sen. Blackburn refers to your ‘rap sheet,’ is what she called it. Well, if speeding tickets are a rap sheet, I’ve got one too. … We’ve all, I think, been guilty of that sin and perhaps all have a rap sheet that’s over 6 miles or more.”

Here’s what Twitter has to say about the whole thing…

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