Looking back 2016

These people desperately needed advice in 2016

We’ve all had moments when life ceases to make any sense. Perhaps you had more than a few of those moments in 2016.

In times of trouble, we turn to those closest to us for advice — you know, the internet.

Here are some people who chose to take their woes public this year. We hope they found what they were searching for.

1. Her fiancé is hooking up with guys behind her back–what should she do?


2. “Straight” guy can’t get no satisfaction (or responses) on gay hookup sites. What’s the prob?


3. What Do You Do When You Discover Your Straight BFF Is A Gay-For-Pay Adult Film Star?


4. Teen says being gay is “disgusting,” now this concerned dad needs serious advice


5. Man seeks advice: Why is being Asian, gay, and effeminate frowned upon?


6. Straight guy seeks advice after he decides to date a man


7. This guy needs advice on how to handle his closeted Mormon boyfriend


8. Man comes out as gay and atheist to wife and Evangelical family, seeks advice


9. Mom seeks advice: “My gay teen son embarrasses me at church”