People are so heartbroken Bill O’Reilly got fired, they’re celebrating like it’s New Year’s

The stages of grief can be a turbulent and confusing time, and the firing of one of our most favorite TV personalities, Bill O’Reilly, has the nation twisted up in an emotional knot that even Houdini would abandon for a stiff drink.

All across the web, people appear to be celebrating O’Reilly’s canning — but what are they really trying to say?

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You know, on second thought we may have miscalculated. This is the same Bill O’Reilly who has a whole mess of sexual harassment allegations nipping at his heels, the same guy who fought hard against marriage equality, the guy who referred to equal restroom access for trans people as an “insane program.”

So what’s to be taken from the wave of jubilation that’s sweeping over the interwebs?

Just one sentiment comes to mind — good riddance!

Scroll down to see what people are saying:

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