Words shwords

People have a lot to say about Trump’s horribly embarrassing attempt at saying “Yosemite”

You likely a video circulating this week in which very stable genius Donald Trump, who aced his incredibly challenging mental acuity test, gave a bipartisan speech about conservation at the White House, a topic which is obviously near and dear to his heart.

You know, seeing as he’s rolled back regulations making it easier for corporations to pollute and all.

But the moment that got the instant replay treatment came when the president tried to say “Yosemite.” Yeah, as in arguably the nation’s most famous national park.

Here it is if you didn’t catch it:

And naturally, folks have a whole lot to say about it.

Beginning with this truth-is-stranger than fiction tie-in to an old episode of Married with Children:

But the mockery didn’t stop there: