People are pissed at Liam Payne for fetishizing bisexuality in his new song

One Direction’s Liam Payne officially dropped his debut album LP1 on Friday, but not everyone’s happy about it.

Payne has received blowback for the tenth track on the album, “Both Ways,” which details a sexual encounter with a man and two women. Some fans feel it fetishizes bisexuality in the lyrics:

Lovin’ the way that she’s turning you on

Switching the lanes like a Bugatti Sport

Nothing but luck that she got me involved, yeah.

Payne is being accused of perpetuating passé stereotypes often attached bisexual people, particularly bisexual women. Many have taken to Twitter to voice their annoyance using the hashtag #liampayneisoverparty.

Even Tyler Oakley got into the #liampayneisoverparty, tweeting: “bitch, i warned y’all years ago! lmao.”

Payne has yet to address the controversy. On Friday, he performed a surprise concert at London’s Omeara Nightclub. Afterwards, he thanked fans for supporting his album, writing: “Blown away by this reaction already! Thanks to everyone that’s picked up the album so far, your support doesn’t go unnoticed.”