Perez Hilton Explains End Of Friendship With Lady Gaga And Why Her Career Has Faltered

93011468rm146-moca-new-30thI think it was fame that just poisoned her. You know, what’s funny is that she has this album called The Fame Monster, it’s her second album, and she became consumed by that which she was fascinated about. Fame can be a very deadly drug and it has damaged her personally… I think that she, unfortunately, has become a victim of this character that she created. Whereas instead of just being an artist, she became this freak, and this cartoon character, and so unrelatable to people. When she should be turning it down and being normal-ish and not dressing crazy, she just continued to do that … She thinks that she’s infallible and what has been proven these last 12 months now [is] she’s very fallible.”

Perez Hilton in a candid interview with Australia’s Mornings show about the demise of his once-close friendship with pop star Lady Gaga and the slow, downward spiral of her music career

H/t: HuffPo

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  • Cam

    Actually GaGa was on Howard Stern and he kept picking at her about this issue and she finally told the story from her perspective.

    She said that she and Hilton were friends, that she had defended him, and had gotten him access to a lot of places as her friend that wouldn’t have let him in at the time because he was “That Gossip Blogger”.

    Then as a favor she agreed to do an interview with him, and he started asking her nasty questions. She got annoyed with him and tried to talk to him about it but he, according to her, got nasty. So she cut off contact and then he tried to buy an apartment in her building and kept showing up to places where she was and basically stalking her.

    If her side is true it sounds like he realized that he was getting a lot of access to places only because he was with her, and not for any other reason.

  • Milk

    That is one vile piece of shit that I would never let it come near me. Not a good human by any standard of measurement.

  • Caine

    @Milk: Perez or Gaga?

  • jonjct

    She is really talented and she came along at the perfect time when Madge was fading away. She had a shot at megastardom but I thought it was her handlers who insisted that she keep freaking it up. It was too much freaking and it became bizarre, like every day was Halloween. The weight gain didn’t help her either.

    Also for me her music became indistinguishable from others and was too overproduced. It seems she had the world in the palm of her hand but her people blew it. All those billions down the drain. Oh well.

    Perez doesn’t need her as a friend anyway. Nor does she need him.

  • Heyguy

    Judging from breaking up of friendship around time she creating fame monster album, must be about 2009-2010 year. So of course, she has to end him because that time Hilton was so evil and desperate enough to find every scandalized in celebrities as possible to just post his blog to crush their souls, lady gaga might dont want to risk to end up his victims as she becoming a-list celebrity. I mean who a celebritiy would wants to closely associate with that notorious celebrity scandal blogger to begins with?

  • dukeofhurl

    Says the guy who sticks his finger up other guy’s asshole on the radio.

  • bobst

    That man is a fucking disgrace. Does people think anything of him, because they believe he means anything?
    He is trash, and I’d rather not see that shit around anymore.

  • BitterOldQueen

    I’m delighted Perez has an opinion, and much of it seems to have merit, but can we stop covering it? Who the hell cares what this unpleasant person thinks about anything?

  • Teeth

    They kind of seem like they deserve each other. Never got into his kind of gossip and excuse making. I was sort of into Gaga at first– but his observations about her are accurate. That being said, “Loyalty” is a personality trait that you can’t fake. I don’t talk crap about my ex or my former friends. What we had once was important, and I don’t trash that.

  • Spike

    If anything Gaga seems to have moved on and Perez is still talking about it. That alone suggests whose side of the story is closer to the truth. With that said, Perez is nothing but a gossip columnist, the lowest on the food chain in the entertainment industry.

  • hex0

    Perez is a slimey troll who thrives on attention, people need to keep ignoring him, does anybody still visit his site?

  • mdowod47

    To put it short and sweet, Perez is a queen requiring DRAMA!!!

  • Cam

    I think that the fact that ALL of his former friends seem to hate him pretty much lets me know who I believe in this situation.

  • Franco C.

    Takes a fame whore to know a fame whore. Sorry, I meant “artist”.

  • Lvng1tor

    @Franco C.: Oh no two rich fame whores are fighting…what should we do? I agree with you…they both can take a leap for all I care.

  • AJAnders

    I’m very confused. When did Perez Hilton’s opinion become noteworthy for…anything? This is a guy who used to draw penises on celebrities faces. Why gives a flying f*** what he has to say?

  • michael mellor

    Perez seems to have a fascination for half-naked female pop performers. Is he an ego-dystonic homosexual? Disturbed?

  • robirob

    Gaga has some shred of musical talent, but lacks self awareness in regards on who her friends are or how to manage her career. Look at Madonna. She has no musical talent at all, but during her reign as Queen of Pop she knew how to market and re-invent herself in order to stay on top. Plus she had a talent to pick trends and people who would suit her image branding.

  • jimstoic

    @jonjct: Excellent analysis. She has enough talent that, if she can deflate (and maybe cut down on the marijuana), she should be able to continue having a remarkable career. The only thing holding her back is her.

    One more thing: she, like Christina Aguilera and (I know this seems weird) Sinéad O’Connor, could benefit from finding a truly great producer and giving her/him the reins. All three of these women have amazing talent but maybe not the best idea of how to use that talent effectively. I’m not thinking Timbaland or Pharrell Williams (not that Williams would be bad). I mean someone like Daniel Lanois.

  • Jinkx Monsoon

    Shocked, why would Queerty even post anything by that cretin, ashamedly I used to read Perez’ blog. but now I don’t even go near it, I’d rather spend a hour on Weho Confidential lol.

  • Pistolo

    Oh puh-leaze, some of you are in such denial. Her manager was fired, her wardrobe guy too, her personal assistant sued her and got a settlement, Lana Del Rey devoted a whole song to what an a-hole she is, Robert Fusari is suing her and she’s so afraid of the details of the ongoing case she had the records sealed. Without Perez’s story, she’s still an a-hole who has made many enemies and continues to do so. Time to wake up and smell the coffee, she’s a GIGANTIC phony in and industry of phonies and if you’re big enough to stand out in such a way as an unrepentant narcissist in Hollywood you are worse than the worst.

    Also, why gay people defend her is a mystery to me now that we know she didn’t do s–t with the Born this Way Foundation. Shame on her.

  • CAxlRose

    @jimstoic: Sinead wrecked her voice with cigarettes. X-Tina already made the absolute best album of her life (“Bionic”), but nobody bought it.

    Gaga picks good collaborators and is a good songwriter but “Artpop” was an overproduced, desperately ambitious mess. She’s been so far gone in GagaWorld that she didn’t see the minimalist direction that female singers were taking pop music (Lorde, Lana Del Ray, Tove Lo, etc). Just seven months later, “Artpop” sounds hopelessly dated and completely out of sync with current trends.

  • Cam


    Funny because all of Perez’s friends seem to hate him, he has been sued multiple times, etc….

    I’ve heard them both being interviewed and she seems FAR more self aware than he does.

  • DB75

    @Cam: Maybe the reality is both are pieces of shit and the gay people deserve better role models and spokespersons for our community.

  • Desert Boy

    The irony is, Stephanie Germanotti, AKA, Lady Caca, actually has a good voice. She is a far better singer than Katy Perry and worlds better that the chirping Madonna.

    At the beginning of Ms. Germanotti’s career, she obviously felt it necessary to call her fans “little monsters” and she was “Mother Monster”, a character who wore strange and draggish costumes that became the talk of the Pop music world.

    But that was 2008. Today is 2014 and Lady Caca is an established artist. There’s no reason for her to smear paint on her face to look cool and kicky. The result is, Lady Caca has become a tired, parody of herself.

  • MarionPaige

    I know of one article in which Lady Gaga said that “the thing with Perez Hilton” was really about Madonna. Perez Hilton, Of all people, should know how the “celebrity slime machine” works, he should know how hard it is for an upstart to break through when the media is pimping someone else. Essentially, Perez Hilton didn’t exist as far as The New York Times was concerned until he reached a level of notoriety that even the fucking New York Times could no longer ignore. Perez Hilton and TMZ were the first two “internet properties” that managed to break through the NYC Media’s endless pimping of all things Gawker Media. The bottom line here is that, even though Madonna is no longer relevant to a whole lot of people, she clearly still has a media savvy team pimping her. And, I believe that The Gaga / Perez Hilton thing IS really about Madonna (although I’m not a big fan of Laday Gaga). At one time, Madonna had a little “campaign” against Mark Wahlberg because the guy said in an interview “that Madonna looked really different in person” compared to her media image.

  • James Hart

    The weight loss didn’t improve Perez’ looks: He’s still ugly inside and out.

  • Pistolo

    @Cam: And, like I said, there are still plenty of examples of people who aren’t Perez that Gags burnt bridges with.

  • strawberry23

    Normally I never comment but I really
    am so disgusted by Hilton…. This no
    talent guy is actually judging GAGA’s
    Talent??? Give me a break! What is his
    Talent, being a media opportunist
    Tearing celebrities down so he can
    Climb the ladder of popularity and
    Gossip? My God, I never have been
    interested in his Brand of celebrity
    “news” for the sake of lining his own
    Pockets…. Lady Gaga has been a true
    Outspoken champion for the LGBT
    Perez Hilton…
    Can anyone say…. Media Whore????

  • JimboinLA

    Screw him and his cross eyed test tube baby. I do occasionally look at his site and TMZ and I was appalled to see that he had begun reviewing Broadway shows on his gossip blog. Hopefully he will get banned from all Broadway shows so that won’t continue.

  • Uppity

    There are many artists who make great music but don’t know how to manage their careers and at this point Gaga is one of them. She’s made a few mistakes, and one of them was befriending Perez Hilton. If she’d looked around she would have seen she was the only artist of her stature consorting with this guy. Now he’s the D-lister who’s always going to be sniping at her from the sidelines. Things really went awry for her after the hip problem and the dope smoking she got into. The new album was not up to par, there was some dubious accounting going on at the Born This Way Foundation, she ditched key handlers and the costumes and makeup all became a bit overwrought and desperate. But she can sing and write great music, so I wouldn’t count her out. If only she’d strip it all back, get back to basics and perhaps accept a lesser level of success but greater credibility. Strangely enough the new album with Tony Bennett may put her on that path.

  • IcarusD

    I think Lady GaGa is insanely talented. When she does stripped-down performances where she’s at the piano, you can tell that she has a phenomenal voice and a fantastic pianist. And look at her first albums to see her abilities at songwriting.

    I do think she’s lost her way a bit. But America loves a comeback and a reinvention — look how many times Madonna has done it with far less musical ability but far more business savvy. If she can reign herself in, take stock, and go back to her roots, I still think she’s capable of a long and successful career.

  • Uppity

    @IcarusD: Yeah I hope she gets back on track. There’s a very candid interview Howard Stern did with her recently on youtube where she talks about how she’s had drug and alcohol problems since she came into the music industry, taking cocaine, marijuana and LSD. She also talks in detail about what exactly went down with Perez Hilton. And I would tend to believe her side of the story over his.

  • Sebizzar

    No matter what people say about GaGa I know she’s truly a loving and respectful person. All Perez cares about is gossip and drama, and of course he’s getting it.

  • Matt G

    1- I already assumes something like Gaga’s side of the story was going on and hearing about what she said on Howard Stern (surprised he is still alive) confirms it. Perez Hilton is on a rung of the entertainment/media ladder that is below the National Enquirer and he’s pissy that he lost his access

    2- At this point, I think Gaga should be compared to Elton John more than Madonna. I think part of her weakness is trying to be the next Madonna and being very dance-heavy in her performances when she should play up her amazing instrumental/vocal skills and let backup dancers handle some of the theatre. Madonna was always a dancer/showgirl first and a singer second (well third… what she is first is a businesswoman/executrix) which is why there is/was so much dance and movement brought to her shows and performances. Gaga can still work the theatricality in but needs to be on the piano more

  • Random

    @robirob: Madonna has no musical talent? Er, she co-wrote songs like Vogue, Like A Prayer, Into the Groove, Express Yourself, Live to Tell. You don’t come up with classics like that without having any musical talent.

  • Random

    Also, if Gaga were really that talented then how come all her songs sound so same-y? And the lyrics? Ju-Das, Ju- Das, Rah, rah, rah, Ga -Ga, App-plause, plause, plause. Once or twice, fair enough but she uses the same writing technique in every song. If, and when, she has a Greatest Hits album it’s going to make for one hell of a dull and repetitive listen.

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