Perez Hilton Explains End Of Friendship With Lady Gaga And Why Her Career Has Faltered

93011468rm146-moca-new-30thI think it was fame that just poisoned her. You know, what’s funny is that she has this album called The Fame Monster, it’s her second album, and she became consumed by that which she was fascinated about. Fame can be a very deadly drug and it has damaged her personally… I think that she, unfortunately, has become a victim of this character that she created. Whereas instead of just being an artist, she became this freak, and this cartoon character, and so unrelatable to people. When she should be turning it down and being normal-ish and not dressing crazy, she just continued to do that … She thinks that she’s infallible and what has been proven these last 12 months now [is] she’s very fallible.”

Perez Hilton in a candid interview with Australia’s Mornings show about the demise of his once-close friendship with pop star Lady Gaga and the slow, downward spiral of her music career

H/t: HuffPo