Perez Hilton Explains His Blond Ambition At Madonna-Themed Birthday Party

480037631NG00089_Perez_HiltMadonna is my ultimate icon and inspiration. You should be selfish on your birthday, and it’s so selfish for me to have an entire night where I just get to listen to her music nonstop and see what fabulous outfits my friends and party guests come up with! I knew I wanted to do Blonde Ambition because that was the pinnacle of Madonna mania. It’s a strong and sexy and kind of masculine too, unisex almost.”

Blogger Perez Hilton expressing himself about the theme of his recent 36th birthday bash to Parade magazine

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  • Desert Boy

    Excuse me, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  • SpunkyBunks

    Perez and Johnny Weir give gays a horrible reputation. Who else do we add to this list!?

  • oilburner

    @Desert Boy: lol
    I’m right
    There with

  • dukeofhurl

    I’m with you guys too but you have to admit he looks 500 times better like this.

  • yayjulian

    so this why all the little gay bloggers were dressed up as madge too .

  • Billy Budd


  • Snapper59

    Madonna may be his “ultimate inspiration” but he’s a dead ringer there for LeAnn Rimes. Sorry LeAnn.

  • Cam


    Damn! you’re right!!!!

  • 1stsurvivorjohn

    He looks like Herman Munster in drag. Bad drag at that. Just sayin’.

  • samwise343

    Perez’s kid is going to have a confusing time when flipping through the family photo album.

  • Spike

    And he’s as dated as Madonna. What an embarrassment to himself.

    I’m guessing Madonna’s eyes are rolling out of her head.

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    The career of Perez Hilton has been interesting to follow. He must be given some acknowledgement for making something out of nothing. Yet this something could never be defined or marketed. Yet his something created a frenzy. A frenzy that was (and is) profitable.
    I remember he once said that it doesn’t matter if they love or hate you, as long as they click your website and thus his massive ad sales.
    I think a lot of people have attempted to replicate this concept yet failed. And while he may be a dick…..with age and time it is tough to keep a dick up. It is fitting that someone named after a marketing tool would turn to an impersonation of the ultimate marketing queen for an PR boost.

  • robirob

    @Bobby Christina Crawford: Others failed, because they lacked Perez’s cut-throath ambition, plus he was the first agressive internet gossip blogger who knocked Hollywood’s PR business movers and shakers off their game. As soon as they helped him to raise his social profile by branching out to other business ventures (which all failed) he softened and became just another PR shill.

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