He's the dad

Perez Hilton Explains What It Takes To Become A Good Single Gay Parent

If any of you single gays and lesbians out there are considering parenthood, Perez Hilton says, “Just do it!” While attending Cyndi Lauper’sTrue Colors fundraiser, which raises awareness and support for homeless LGBTQ youth, Hilton chatted with a reporter from the Gays With Kids site about juggling work with the responsibilities of fatherhood. Hilton also reveals that while he’d like to raise his nearly two-year-old son Mario Armando Lavandeira III with a partner, he’s realistic. “I know that most relationships don’t work out, statistically, and I put my son’s health and happiness as my number one priority,” he said, adding that stability and constancy help a young child thrive.

Watch Hilton discuss single parenting below.