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Perez Hilton Gives Good Bob Saget In Musical Spoof Of ‘Full House’

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What do Perez Hilton and veteran comic actor Bob Saget have in common? Probably not a lot, until now. The polarizing blogger will take on the role of wholesome TV dad Danny Tanner in new musical adaptation of the long-running sitcom Full House.

Hilton will play Tanner in Full House! The Musical! at Theatre 80 in NYC’s East Village just in time for the Netflix‘s Fuller House sequel/reboot later this month. The people behind this production are the same team behind the gone-too-soon Showgirls The Musical! and Bayside The Musical! Yes, they all have exclamation points.

We’ve seen both of those shows, they were hysterical, and whether Hilton kills it or not, he’ll be surrounded by some pretty funny people. Check out the trailer below, and find out more information about the show here.