Perez Hilton Lies To Thousands On Manhunt

It’s well known on the Internet that gossip blogger Perez Hilton (aka Mario Lavandeira) is pulling a Single White Female on Paris Hilton, first befriending her, then idolizing her, only to try and assume her identity by wearing a wig and going down on her boyfriend. He has now gone one step further in becoming Ms. Hilton by flopping his privates all over the Internet.


Yes, Perez Hilton has an active Manhunt profile, but the intrigue doesn’t stop there. He is trying to fool poor, unsuspecting Manhunt members into believing that this:


is actually this:


and that his manhood, which you can see after the jump [NSFW], is “8 inches.” For someone with his finger on the pulse of “all media,” we find this all shockingly out of date.

‘Ate Too Much Pez’ Hilton X-Posed [ELH]

This photo is so old it’s in black and white.

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  • Toby

    A. We all saw this months ago.

    B. Remind me again why you feel this is even remotely appropriate to post?

  • MT

    Please. Not while I’m eating lunch. I can’t stand PH under the best of circumstances. Looking at his cock shot while I’m digesting is just mean.

  • Will

    I actually like QUEERITY alot. But too much Prez Hilton. Who cares. LUZA and a BORING TROLL LUZA at that. A suggestion though theres alot more interesting gay stuff going on right now. Star Jones vs. Baba Wawa and the “girls from the view. (Wonder what Kathy Griffin has said about this?) Also The Devil Wears Prada opens this weekend. Theres World Cup Hunks and the Gay Marriage debate in MA. Like I said I like QUEERITY but lets get some good stuff going on here. Posting stuff about Prez Hilton is like feeding a troll. Why bother.

  • Joseph

    The Queery downward spiral continues. Someone needs to find new writers for this site.

  • Malcontent

    I don’t know who the guy is in his main MH pic, but the one in the white jumpsuit is clearly Fat Elvis.

    P.S. I didn’t see this months ago.

  • mjs

    Blog-Boring! Old news, no wonder Paris stays in the news with junk like this. Got any stories on some other fag-hags besides her? What’s Liza up to these days? (Yawn)

  • Bradford

    That was soooooooooo HATEFUL and I also had not seen it. Hateful, but funny.

    And when did Toby become someone worried about what’s appropriate to post? Frank, maybe you should start writing about Brat Boy School. Now that would be funny. And very appropriate.


  • Will

    Bradford. Cute name.

  • StarF*cker

    Did Dan Renzi leave Queerty, I saw him bartending in South Beach.

  • Charlie

    HA! I hate that bitch. I didn’t see it months ago. While I didn’t need to see a cock shot I love that the self-proclaimed gossip-monger gets his own “most embarrassing moment.”

    Well deserved, in my opinion. Next!

  • Rabbit of Doom

    Um…isn’t this a gay BLOG? When did there becomes rules on what is appropriate and not appropriate to post in a BLOG. QUEERTY if these queens don’t like it, they don’t have to come back to the site.

  • Will

    StarF*cker I think dan renzi now does when he’s not jerking it at a Porn Theatre.

  • Cody

    HOW CHILDISH! Queerty is becoming quite a joke. Who posts crap like this?! Children.

  • adamblast

    Your grudge or whatever against some other blogger is boring, boring, boring. Stick to worthwhile items or expect people to move elsewhere. Just ’cause you hate someone doesn’t make any ammo you can find on them news.

  • Mario L

    Why promote another gay crystal meth user? Our family with all it’s infighting. slef loathing, hate, and lack of self esteem is suffering enough already!

  • Jeff

    Guys, the profile which was reported “months ago” was his adam4adam site, and not the Manhunt site. It’s not old news.

  • Toby

    Yeah, Jeff, and I’m sure Perez has a profile, too. Let’s blog about that next week!

  • [email protected]

    whether it be bradford, dan, or frank… it is clear why this site sucks. no wonder nobody wants gays around.

  • Lano

    Are you really that much of an idiot Jeff? The “news” item (if it ever was one) was that PH has online profiles. It is certainly not surprising that he has one on Manhunt. Queerty should be more on the ball about what has and has not been put out there in the blogosphere. Keep up…

  • Queer Beacon

    Holly cow. She is hung. And ballsy. First time seeing it. I thought the post was absolutely appropriate.

  • Jeff

    Queerty is also reporting a cock shot of a (psuedo) celebrity. And whether you like to admit it or not, The Gays love cock shots.

  • Jonboy in SF

    Who cares if he has profiles at adam4adam or manhunt? Thousands of single gay men visit those sites,, yahoo, come4play, and the list goes on and on. And I dare say that the majority of men who use those sites don’t post current pics of themselves, don’t use their real ages and exaggerate their endowments. Do you feel it necessary to single out one guy because it’s Mario “The Chin” Lavandiera? That’s just mean…

  • Lano

    What is come4play? Is someone trying to plug a new site, I’ve never heard of it…

  • whitney houston

    i don’t get it. are they the same person? i can’t tell with white boys. they all kind of look alike.

  • ben

    I’m a regular reader and I thought this was disgusting and childish. I agree with the above reader that “if i dont like it i dont need to come back”, however, i certainly would’nt be implored to let you know of my disgust if this were not -regularly- an intelligent and harmlessly playful website. You’re only perpetuating negative stereotypes of catty homosexuals and I, as a young gay man and a fan, am ashamed of you.

  • Randy

    Wow this blog sucks now. Sorry

  • [email protected]

    god bradford is fat and not relevenat… to try and diss on toby just shows how irrelevant you are… you are pathetic, 30 lbs overwieght, and look +7 yrs age,… go die somewhere and stop begging for attention.

  • nobody

    Toby errr…Michael is a big fat loser. His blog is just a proponent for himself in terms of his body. He just posts pictures of himself saying, “I’m so fat” and waits for the comments to roll in. It’s kind of pathetic. And on top of that he aligns himself with the most loser-ish bloggers (i.e. Rocco).

  • el gran chile

    I just think that it’s funny that on his on line profile, under ethnicity, it reads: “Ask me”… Oh, and that he’s a “Top” tee hee….
    no, wait, that’s sad…. :-(

  • Me

    Umm…having a picture of his dick is genius! That IS news! LOVES IT

  • Toby

    30+ comments? Wow, this must be a new record for Queerty!

  • midnight lounge

    ….yeah, not to continue on with the hatin’, but I am a bit surprised Queerty found this worthy enough to post. I would have initially given you guys a bit of cred for *not* stoopin’ to the very same level of Perez and other (more salacious) blogs.

    Ah well, I guess readership is needed to keep the bills paid? After all, we all know what brings the boys to the yard: it’s self-hating gossip and cockshots.

  • Everything old is news again

    I love it! Did anyone notice that Perez likes to rim and is into pig play aka scat? I’m sure he wears a rubber and dental dam the whole time, too. On his website he brags about making out with female celebrities (hopefully he at least flosses beforehand). Maybe someone should email this info to them and see if they think it’s newsworthy.

    Oh, and to all those cutting-edge news hounds out there, Dan Renzi hasn’t been an editor here for ages.

  • hiram

    Yeah, Perez is pathetic. But when did you last have coctails with Lindsay or Paris? Give the boy credit. He has made something of himself by dint of an overbearing personality. That takes talent and perserverence.

  • Everything old is old news yet again

    This question, dear Hiram, is when was the last time I WANTED to have cocktails with Lindsay or Paris. Or WHY would I want to? What would we talk about? Your firecrotch? As fascinating as your crotch might be, I require adult company with my cocktails. And believe me being overbearing has more to do with having a borderline personality disorder rather than talent or perseverance.

  • 99WTFU

    Bravo! That guy is such a suck up maggot. How dare he.

  • Stop Perez

    READERS: Spread the word to all legitimate blog sites to disable right-click function (aka stealing photos) as X17 has done. This prevents thieves like Perez Hilton (real name, Mario Lavandeira) from getting filthy rich from stealing the work of others.

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