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Perez Hilton posts cringeworthy video about asexuality

This just in: Perez Hilton may or may not be asexual. He’s not sure. And neither are we.

On the eve of National Coming Out Day, the 41-year-old blogger released a video this week about sexual identity in which he wrongly conflates asexuality and abstinence and then laughs about it before going back and forth on whether or not he might be ace.

“I need to confess to you all something that I have been struggling with,” a teary-eyed Perez begins seemingly in earnest. “It’s been really heavy on my heart and I wasn’t sure if coming out about it was the right thing to do, but I need to let you know that… I am asexual.”

“That’s clearly not my choice,” he continues, before pausing for a moment and then suddenly bursting into laughter. “I mean, I’m joking, but I’m kinda not joking. I don’t know. I’m not asexual.”

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After wiping away his crocodile tears, he goes on a brief rant about Trisha Paytas, a YouTuber who came under fire recently for problematic remarks she made about being transgender, then returns to talking about being asexual.

“I have not had sexual-ness, this is true, this is depressing, it’s why I’m asexual,” Perez continues, “I have not had sexual-ness with anybody since February of 2016. Almost four years now! Wow.”

Perez, who appears to be confusing asexuality with abstinence, says he’s “OK” with not having sex with anyone because he’s “asexual with myself … 5.5 days a week.”

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A 2016 study out of the University of British Columbia and published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior determined that asexuality meets most of the criteria for classification as a distinct sexual orientation.

Here’s a handy infographic by The Trevor Project that explains what asexuality is and isn’t. (Note: asexuality isn’t simply being abstinent, celibate, or unable to find a partner.)

“I’m perfectly fine being asexual,” Perez says. “Am I really asexual? I am! Or not. Maybe I’m trying to tell myself I’m not asexual because I am.

Watch. Or don’t.