Perez Hilton Proves He’s Still Got It With New Poolside Photoshoot


Have you ever seen Perez Hilton shirtless?

Of course you have, because a Perez Hilton poolside photoshoot wouldn’t be complete unless the famed gossip blogger was ripping his shirt off! The brand new daddy stripped down to his swimsuit in a recent shoot with celebrity photographer Matt Barnes, proving he’s still got that relatively new bangin’ bikini bod. And in case you haven’t heard, daddies are the new black.

Check out Perez cuddling with a baby giraffe below, and view the rest of the series on Matt Barnes’ Tumblr.

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  • GayFilmmaker

    Still ugly as hell on the inside. And frankly, still ugly as hell on the outside.

  • Grrrowler

    Well that just killed any thoughts of fun with the hubby tonight. How can I enjoy sex with images of THAT in my mind?!

  • SebX

    He is fit, but definitely not handsome nor attractive. And even though I haven’t met him, I saw him in some videos and seems annoying as f*ck.

  • Gil


    He is just not attractive…no matter what he or his publicists say.

  • Katbox

    I feel bad for his son.
    He’s going to be teased for something he’s had no control over.

  • BigWoody

    Still got it? OH PLEASE queerty! He never had it nor ever will. His ugly Herman Munster face makes me wanna puke.
    Is Perez paying you for this publicity stunt or is he sucking your dick Mr. Tharrett?
    BTW are his liposuction scars showing in one of the photos where he unsuccessfully attempts to rip a tshirt in half with his horse teeth?

  • Boricuaex

    I really wish he would cut that fucking hair. He looks like a greaser from some damn mobile home park!

  • Mr. E. Jones

    His body looks fine, but what is wrong with his face? Something about it is just off.

  • Borioso66

    OMG! When the Goddess decided to create ugly she made Perez Hilton, and broke the mold. By the way my baby says “Eww”.

  • QJ201

    Perez Hilton NEVER HAD IT.

    After making millions being a professional douche bag, he hired trainers and others to get him into shape.

  • Deepdow


  • [email protected]

    OOOO you bitches are HORRID but she is one ugly queen

  • Terrance

    Ugh. Queerty, I think I need to see other gay news websites. It’s not me, it’s you.

  • stanhope

    OMG, how did I miss her peeda? LOL LOL she’s as flat “down there” as a Barbie doll.

  • hf2hvit

    And I presume those were the BEST photos????

  • PornForPatric

    I’m no fan of Perez and sometimes find him rather annoying. I’m a bit bothered by all of these comments calling him ugly. If you’re not attracted to someone, that is fine, but to sit there and call him ugly is just taking it too far.

    Whatever you may think of him and his business practices, he’s another human being and people should have enough decency and respect not to insult him. I wonder if you are calling him ugly because someone has at some point called you ugly? Perhaps it makes you feel better to scream the insult at someone else instead of having it hurled at you.

  • Aries3dc

    @PornForPatric: Mary, this is a gay gossip blog! And Perez Hilton has said much worse about plenty of people. He used to be fat and ugly, and now he’s just ugly. So he’s improving. See, I said something nice!

  • Cee

    That is one ugly man. I don’t normally call people ugly, but a duck is a duck and that is one ugly duckling.

  • Christopher

    For the love of god someone draw a dick on that face.

  • juancp

    Still wouldn’t go there…..Even with someone else’s penis.

  • HernanMinogue

    He’s ugly just like his personality. I’ve watched videos on youtube and he’s fucking annoying.

  • Daveliam

    @PornForPatric: I’m normally a really nice guy. I promise. However, my issue is that Perez is an absolutely AWFUL human being and has demonstrated on countless occasions that he is perfectly fine with making comments WAY worse than what is being said about him here. Therefore, I can’t feel bad for him in the slightest. He’s a terrible person with very little talent who just won’t go away. At least when he was fat, he just assaulted our ears. Now that he thinks he’s hot, everytime he shows up to the opening of an envelope, he is shirtless and posing “sexy”. It’s gross, just like him, and he needs to stop.

  • Freeforall

    Whatever Hilton’s got, no one wants it. There’s a reason he will be alone and unloved forever, no one with an ounce of self-respect would be caught dead with this ugly leech. Hope he paid you well Queerty, this story is an obvious plant. Not only is he ugly on the outside, his narcissism and lack of self-awareness makes him ugly on the inside as well. There is nothing attractive about this greasy dirtbag. He’s sunk so low that now he’s using his rent-a-baby as a prop, posting pics of the baby is just another opportunity to fish for compliments.

  • Caleb in SC

    @Christopher: Bahahahahaha! Exactly!

  • miagoodguy

    When will this attention seeking whore just disappear?

  • Polaro

    @Christopher: Perfect!

  • Polaro

    While I normally think a lot of you just like to say mean things about everyone, in this case, please, carry on.

  • miagoodguy

    I do love how all the people who normally get upset and express fake outrage when similar critism is made of “hot” gay men all of a sudden are doing the same thing and are encouraging it in this case. Hypocrisy much?

  • Merv

    Whatever you think of him as a person, it’s quite a physical transformation, which hopefully will inspire others.

  • Spike

    Insecure ugly homo, inside and out.

  • Caleb in SC

    You know your “career” is over when the queens turn on you. Whatever will ht talentless hack do?

  • Tackle

    @!PornForPatric: You got to be kidding? ? This is a guy who attached Miley Cyrus online when she was only 15yrs old by calling her slutty. Who constantly referred to women as bitches. Who said mean things about celebrities appearances for years.And you want us to not speak our mind and go easy? NO! He’s ugly…

  • Niall

    Disgustingly vile creature. And a warning for anyone who thinks losing weight will make them attractive. What’s on the inside matters too, and with this trashbag, the inside is so putrid, it doesn’t really matter what the outside looks like.

    Good on him for getting fit though.

  • Stefan

    It’s sad when you look worse after you lose the weight. Work out 24/7 and still can’t change your orangutan face. Please take these pix down. Morning Bads. Feel sorry for the crocodile.

  • DarthKitsune

    good for him, keeping in shape and all that jazz.

  • ousooner1997

    I have nothing nice to say…

  • pattygale

    I usually HATE people who use the anonymity of the comment section to disrespect celebrities, but PH deserves all the vitriol, hate, disrespect spewed upon him for being the horrible, hate/rumor-mongering person he is. THERE, now I feel better. I feel so sorry for that poor child of his, to have a father who respects nothing and no one more than his own notoriety and perceived power.

  • Bulls Eye

    Does anyone remember Buster Poindexter…?

  • Tackle

    Typo: Attacked. @Niall: So true about losing weigh and not looking better. Star Jones & Jennifer Hudson comes to mind. Not everyone can wear long hair and look good. Perez would much better with short hair. Long hair drags his long face down making it look longer. And the color hair he had before (lighter blonde) sutes him better. But if he’s happy and likes his look. Oh well…

  • bcbear4u

    Applause for losing all that weight. Still, agree that he is butt-ugly…

  • sirald66

    Gossip is ugly.

  • heybudletsparty

    At least when he was fat, his body balanced out his freakishly big head….

  • OutMaturity

    I don’t mean any offense, but how old is Perez? Curious, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s? To be that lean, say in his 50’s would indicate a pretty strict fitness routine and I would love to know what it is!

    Is it me, or did I remember him being much heavier a few years ago?

    Have a great day everyone!


  • andy0529

    …..and Hitler’s beautiful too, he has an ugly aura inside and out and a hypocrite . You can’t go around whining about someone calling you a faggot and doing it yourself, and that’s not the only issue he’s flip flopped on and your “shocked” by all the hate.

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