Perez Hilton vs. Lady Gaga: Does Anybody Know Why They’re Even Fighting?

ladygaga-perezRemember that time Perez Hilton told everyone he didn’t want to be a bully anymore? Wasn’t it fun while it lasted?

The famed gossip blogger has been falling back into his old ways recently, especially after igniting a flame under the tarnished relationship he now shares with former friend Lady Gaga. The two had been friends since their early days at NYU, but as HuffPo points out, their relationship has taken a drastic turn for the worst since she came back into the spotlight.

Last week, Hilton tweeted a couple outtakes from Gaga’s recent V Magazine photoshoot, accusing her of ripping off Elizabeth Berkley’s Showgirls nipples and drawing attention to the singer’s admission that she may not be the hottest act on the planet anymore. Ahem.

Yesterday, he shaded her ladyscaping (like manscaping, you see):

We’re not sure why Lady Gaga should be ashamed of trimming her hair down there (?), but what’s coming out of Hilton’s mouth is obviously a shadefest.

Last month, Gaga accused Hilton of stalking her in a series of now-deleted tweets. She’s remained surprisingly silent since replacing those tweets with a plea to end cyber-bullying, but the feud apparently lives on.

So, does anyone have any idea why they’re fighting? Could it have something to do with this shocking secret?

Are Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton the same person?!