Perez Hilton vs. Lady Gaga: Does Anybody Know Why They’re Even Fighting?

ladygaga-perezRemember that time Perez Hilton told everyone he didn’t want to be a bully anymore? Wasn’t it fun while it lasted?

The famed gossip blogger has been falling back into his old ways recently, especially after igniting a flame under the tarnished relationship he now shares with former friend Lady Gaga. The two had been friends since their early days at NYU, but as HuffPo points out, their relationship has taken a drastic turn for the worst since she came back into the spotlight.

Last week, Hilton tweeted a couple outtakes from Gaga’s recent V Magazine photoshoot, accusing her of ripping off Elizabeth Berkley’s Showgirls nipples and drawing attention to the singer’s admission that she may not be the hottest act on the planet anymore. Ahem.

Yesterday, he shaded her ladyscaping (like manscaping, you see):

We’re not sure why Lady Gaga should be ashamed of trimming her hair down there (?), but what’s coming out of Hilton’s mouth is obviously a shadefest.

Last month, Gaga accused Hilton of stalking her in a series of now-deleted tweets. She’s remained surprisingly silent since replacing those tweets with a plea to end cyber-bullying, but the feud apparently lives on.

So, does anyone have any idea why they’re fighting? Could it have something to do with this shocking secret?

Are Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton the same person?!

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  • Katbox

    Why does anyone even care?

  • Mauricio

    I do care ! It’s not my business though, but Gaga as a person ( throw out the outfits and music) is very nice and happy. Perez on the other hand , is not. Gaga only pointed out at Perez when he was in the same building she lives , however he keeps tweeting shit, that’s pitiful , I mean living a life by throwing out shit at someone, LAME. She doesn’t say anything about , just STOP DRAMA and START THE MUSIC which sometimes this website/blog should do.

  • Snapper59

    Comedian Andy Kaufman did it with wrestler Jerry Lawler back in the early 80s with a lot more believability. In fact, they had a classic encounter on Letterman where Kaufman went hysterical after Lawler hit him.

    It was so good that it wasn’t until years after Kaufman’s death that Lawler admitted they set up everything by phone before each encounter.


    Oh dear, Perez and Gaga…this could get ugly.

  • Snapper59


    The classic Lawler/Kaufman Letterman appearance. Dave and his staff were not in on it.
    So is Kaufman Perez and Lawler Gaga or is Kaufman Gaga and Lawler Perez. Anyway, it’s been done.

  • Dxley

    I hate Perez Hilton with the intense heat of 5000 suns. He’s still ugly as fuuuuuuuuuccckk. One thing that I’m sure of: he won’t be getting a man anytime soon!!!

    Enjoy your loneliness, Mario. You’re too ugly for anybody. Both inside and out!!!

  • Lazycrockett

    There is no such thing as bad publicity.

  • Really_000

    I remember years ago when Perez attached Christina Auglieria-really viciously targeted her body etc..Then it was Fergie. Now Gaga-He really needs to become more professional and leave the personal stuff to nasty phone texting.

  • Caleb in SC

    Why is Perez Hilton famous? He made his “career” by cyber-bullying celebrities that have real talent.

  • Carlton Raines

    Perhaps one could describe Perez Hilton as [Rats leaving a sinking ship?]

  • Cam

    I don’t get the idea that they are fighting. I get the idea that they just don’t seem to be friends anymore.

    He probably feels like he helped her get some attention early on and now she isn’t being as friendly, and she probably feels like she is big and doesn’t want to be associated with him.

    Then again, he could just be jealous because she has a rocking body.

  • AEH

    She shaves?!! The horror!

    Anyway, all of this is just so creepy.

  • Deepdow

    I want to like Lady GaGa, but her fans disturb me and it’s that which makes me unable to ever purchase anything by her. Also, WHY was she ever friends with someone like him? I just don’t …

  • QJ201

    Perez is a vile human being. I stopped visiting his site a long time ago.

    Michael K on DListed does a lot of the same schtick…but it’s snarky, not junior high little fat queen vapid and vicious bullying.

  • AlexM

    They’re “fighting” because they’re both attention whores.

  • Snapper59

    @QJ201: I read Dlisted every day and love the snark and to see the latest viral video like “Rhubarb Lady”. The biggest difference is Perez wants to be a famous celebrity and Michael K does not and he’s genuinely funny a lot of the time.

  • Cam

    The ONLY reason I don’t completely write off Hilton is because he is the one that outed some of the celebs in the glass closet like Neil Patrick Harris, Lance Bass, etc… In the end that was very good for the community and in fact ended up making those two much more famous and rich than previously.

    And he asked the question that got that vapid hypocrite and bigoted Miss Ca., Carrie Prejean into a world of trouble and embarrassed the right wing bigots when they embraced her as their moral champion only to have it all collapse around them when it turned out she was sending films of herself masturbating to men online.

    But Perez’s problem is that he wants to be a star and Lady Gaga is a star.

  • damon459

    The real question should be does anyone give a flying fuck? If they both died tomorrow, I’m not sure I would even notice.

  • Niall

    @damon459: Speak for yourself, while Lady Gaga isn’t some kinda legend to like Michael Jackson levels, if she died tomorrow, people WILL notice. Perez Hilton though, I don’t know about that.

  • Rockery

    They are both trying to hang on to fame. But BOTH of their stars are fading fast. They are both on their way to being irrelevant.

  • Polaro

    There is such a thing as bad press. Ask Anthony Weiner.

    Gaga is a talented star. Perez is a leech.

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