Perez + John = Love?

Claire Zulkey just sent us a link to her interview with gossip-monger, Perez Hilton. While we’re not big Perez readers, we’re sure some of you out there probably are, so we’re passing it along (you’re welcome). We will, however, mention that we find this excerpt…um, well, not so much intriguing as perplexing:

Zulkey: Which celebrities that you’ve hung out with thus far can you say seem like the most genuine/down to earth?
Hilton: John Stamos. He’s a dear, dear friend, super nice, honest, normal, sweet, generous, amazing guy.

What?!? John Stamos and Perez Hilton are friends? Not only are they friends, they’re “dear, dear” friends? Two “dears”? That’s practically fucking marriage!

Who can we count among our “dear, dear” friends? (No, seriously, can somebody tell us, because we’re at a loss…)

Oh, also: Hilton apparently has a reality-show in the works. (No comment.)