Personal trainer John Kim on how ‘Shake Yo Booty’ makes staying in shape fun

This post is part of a series of Queerty interviews with models, trainers, dancers, and, well, people who can inspire the rest of us to stay in shape this holiday season and beyond.

Name:  John Kim, 23 (@jkswam)

Occupation, besides training: I also coach swimming. I coach swimmers from 4-18. Love the environment and teaching the youth about sports, getting active and having fun!

Home: Washington, DC

Favorite Gym: Equinox Sports Club DC.

Favorite Work Out Song: My own playlist Shake Yo BOOTY feat. Fergie, Madonna, Kim Petras, Betty Who etc.

Recommended Work-Out Foods: Power Smoothie with strawberries, blueberries, bananas, chia seeds, Greek yogurt, and almond milk.

Favorite athletic outfit: Anything Lululemon, super short shorts.

How do you balance staying in shape and having fun out at the clubs? I balance staying in shape and having fun by making my workouts fun. Always changing it up, trying new methods of training, equipment, and training with friends. My biggest goal with every client is making each workout fun so it’s not a chore, it becomes a part of life!

Tip for staying in shape: Track your progress. Log your workouts, what you did, sets, weights, etc.

Bonus Pics:

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Happy #nationalcomingoutday !!! ??? . If you told me to put on a wig, in a speedo, with a pride flag ???? this time last year. I probably would have slapped you. . Exactly one year ago today, I decided to come out. At the time I was terrified of what the black-lash would be, because one, I went to a military college, two, I was born into a traditional Asian family, and three, I was mortified of what people would think of me as being different. I hated being different. I just wanted to be like everyone else. But if you know me, I am a very unique person. . This time last year, I was the captain of my swim team at school, and I came out to my team. And the responses I got were love and support. And from that moment I knew things were going to be good. . Since then, this year has been what I call, The Glow Up. I came out publicly on @outsportsinspire , my jobs have completely accepted me, I’ve made amazing friends, I’ve nearly done every cliche gay thing you could do, I still get the love and support from family and friends. . Coming out has helped me open my shell and allowed me to be my authentic self. And I LOVE IT. And I’m excited for the future! Coming out is hard, scary, and unknowing. And it takes time. I’m still learning about myself everyday. But as long as you stay true to yourself, things will be just fine ?????????

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Summer bod 2019 I’m comin for ya ???????

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So who’s inviting me to their house party?

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