Peru Demands Gay Cops Never, Ever Have Sex


Just as we’re celebrating one gay rights victory in South America comes this piece of news: Peru is kicking out gay cops because they “damage the image” of the force.

Only “scandalous” gay sex, and not merely being gay, will get you kicked out of the police squad according to the new law which took effect this week. Which totally gets around a little thing called “unconstitutional”! AP:

In sexual matters, however, distinctions are made between heterosexual and homosexual police officers. Those who commit adultery only face suspension, but expulsion is required for those who engage in “sexual relations with people of the same sex that cause a scandal or damage the image of the institution.”

Peru’s Supreme Court in 2004 overturned a ban on homosexuality in the police and military. But like the U.S. military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell policy” – which bans homosexuals from disclosing their sexual orientation – the new law tries to sidestep the issue without banning homosexuality outright.

“The only thing that is penalized now are the scandals that can be caused by a scandalous relationship, if they are homosexuals,” Interior Ministry spokesman Fransisco Ugarteche said Thursday.

Straight cops who cheat on their wives and frequent strip clubs, however, commit no such scandalous act.