Peruvian Police Raid Gay Wedding, Arrest Bride And Guests Showing “Resistance”

A quaint same-sex marriage ceremony in the basement of a Peruvian gay bar came to a screeching halt this week as a police raid swept through to arrest the bride and several guests. Peruvian police claim the gay bar, located in the city of Pucallpa, did not have a proper license to conduct wedding ceremonies.

Though unconfirmed, some reports claim the couple was a gay man and trans woman dressed in traditionally heterosexual roles in order to protect themselves. Though there aren’t any laws strictly forbidding same-sex marriage ceremonies in Peru, they’re not legally recognized by the government.

The bride was taken into custody after attempting to stop police from arresting several guests, who the police claim were showing signs of “resistance.” Her groom fled the scene immediately after police entered the building, so it might be a good thing they weren’t hitched before the raid. If she wasn’t before, she’s probably having second thoughts about her flighty groom now!