“Pervert Punishment” Argument Fails In Extortion Attempt

Justin Williams has a queer sense of justice.

The 39-year Australian old pleaded guilty today to trying extort $1500 from a man he saw going into a public toilet with two other lads. Williams, who had been sitting in his car “reading a newspaper,” thought he could make a quick buck, so he wrote down the phone number listed on the side of one of the men’s vans. His plan began to crumble soon after.

And so did his motive:

Williams saw his target leave the toilet block and then phoned him and said he had photos and would “cause problems” if the man didn’t deliver the money in 40 minutes to a Bacchus Marsh park.

But the court heard the victim instead drove straight to the nearest police station and reported the extortion attempt.

While he was reporting the blackmail attempt to police, Williams phoned him a second time threatening to “flog him” if he didn’t pay up.

In a later police interview, Williams said he had tried to blackmail the man because he was disturbed by what he had seen and wanted to teach the “perverts” a lesson.

Perhaps a $5,000 fine with teach Williams one of his own: stop lurking about the bathrooms. No one likes a Lookie Loo.