Pet Shop Boys: I’m With Stupid

Pet Shop Boys I'm With Stupid video

Finally, it’s just what we’ve been waiting for: a new Pet Shops Boys song that sounds like an old Pet Shop Boys song. We liked some of the tracks from “Release,” but none of them were that danceable. We only require three things from a Pet Shop Boys song, and those are a catchy melody, a perfect disco beat, and that warm feeling inside they often give us. The new single “I’m With Stupid” has all three, and we are looking forward to the release of their new album “Fundamental,” which will be out this May.

Check out the video for “I’m With Stupid” on YouTube. It features two British TV stars and has lots of cool dance numbers with people in dunce caps.

Pet Shop Boys – “I’m With Stupid” [Music Video] 2006 [YouTube via VirtualMatter]