PETA Exploits Lesbian Sex For Vegetable Love

Some lesbian activists are up in arms by a Valentine’s Day People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protest featuring a pair of scantily clad women making out near a sign saying “Vegetarians Make Better Lovers”, saying that it perpetuates the titillation of lesbian sex. As this exchange with Fox News shows, PETA thinks that’s sort of the point. This may be the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever written on this site, but it actually has to be asked: Why do gay rights keep getting pushed aside in favor of the rights of chickens? Californians will know what I mean. Watch the fun Fox News banter (and veggie-lesbians) after the jump.

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  • Eric James

    “Why do gay rights keep getting pushed aside in favor of the rights of chickens?” What do you mean? Why are the two mutually exclusive? I’m all for the rights of both groups. Strange that you side with uptight religious folks who don’t want to see displays of homosexuality on the streets…

  • Miss Understood

    While I’m not a vegetarian I totally support PETA. The PETA representative was calm, cool, and intelligent. THe Fox lady came off as a shrill lunatic.

  • Sebbe

    “don’t run this yet, don’t run this yet”.

    Only uncle Japhy can con me into watching faux news.

    Can you imagine being the person who’s job it is to take the phone calls from the irate “offended” fox viewers? I would shoot myself in the face.

    Who is this lady on fox news? Is she and her loofah sleeping with O’Reilley?

    “Our viewers are offended”? Is fox new’s demographic really PETA’s target audience.

  • jason

    the peta girl totally killed it.

  • Jack

    ‘This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.’


    Would any of the lucky few who saw the video before it was removed care to share the gist of it with the rest of us? I’m gay, a life-long vegetarian and a PETA supporter, so I’d really like to know…

  • Darth Paul

    @Miss Understood: Only FOX could do that. Peta is histrionic attentionwhore central.

  • elaine

    I’m a lesbian and a vegetarian. Scantily clad girls from PETA came to Santa Fe and during my lunch hour I was highly entertained by their antics, LOL. Gotta send PETA a check for making me smile.
    Here is PETA’s press release on it.

    Santa Fe is a small town and the girls did have on bikinis, not naked as stated in the press release : )

  • Alexa

    I have some problems with PETA, but their underlying message is right, and in this case their spokesperson was excellent (and cute). The Fox woman, is that the same idiot who said the Obamas did a terrorist fist jab?

  • Sebbe

    @Alexa – oh is that her? Like I said I only view fox when I am conned into by Japh or occasionally Ken Layne @ wonkette.

  • Alexa

    @Sebbe: I don’t watch it, either, that’s why I asked. I probably saw it on the Colbert Report or The Daily Show.

  • Sebbe

    @Alexa – I figured, but thought maybe you would have remembered which crack pot is was.

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