PeTA’s Big, Gay Mission

29-year old Mike Brazell and Jonathan Frank, 18, locked lips in Concord, New Hampshire last week. The two men are traveling across the country as part of animal loving non-profit PETA’s “Vegetarians Make Better Lovers” campaign. PETA’s fur-free blog elaborates:

Mike and Jon chose New Hampshire to celebrate the fact that it has recently become the fourth state to authorize civil unions for gay couples. They also brought a big banner with them that read “Vegetarians Make Better Lovers,” and then proceeded to prove it for the benefit of a large crowd of onlookers. In between makeout sessions, the dudes had plenty of leaflets with information about the way animals are treated on factory farms just in case anyone who was having a bit too much of a good time at the demonstration.

Just like activists – sullying people’s fun with facts! Indeed!

One Concord resident called the boys out on their carnal conjecture: “I’m not a vegetarian, and I haven’t had any complaints yet.” Nor have we. Although, to be fair, we’re usually out the door before they can spit or swallow, let alone say…

PETA launched a similar campaign last year, in which former Navy Seal Brazell got down with another man. Those PETA-heads may not eat meat, but they sure do love their hot beef! Watch some footage from last year’s tour, after the jump…