Pete Buttigieg in quarantine following possible COVID exposure

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Newly confirmed Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has announced he will not be going anywhere for at least 14 days: the former South Bend, IN Mayor may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Buttigieg made the announcement Monday, reports The New York Post. Buttigieg has so far tested negative for the virus, though the recent diagnosis of one of his bodyguards has sent him into isolation.

“I think it’s a reminder, as we go through our days, this is why masks matter, this is why testing matters,” Buttigieg also told CNN. “We have to take this seriously.”

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“I did have a negative test today and I feel fine,” Buttigieg added. “I spoke to the agent and he feels all right as well. He’s not having any symptoms but he did test positive. Of course, as it is for so many Americans that have been through this, frustrating to be confined to quarters, especially frustrating to be separated from my husband, who was not exposed when I was. But making sure we do the right thing, and thankfully I’m among the Americans who is fortunate to be able do that job from home.”

The Senate confirmed Buttigieg in a 86-13 vote last month, making him the first openly gay cabinet official ever confirmed by the legislative body. He is only the second openly gay man to serve at the cabinet level, following Richard Grenell’s stint as Director of National Intelligence during the Trump administration last year. Grenell only served in an acting capacity, and was never actually confirmed to the job via the Senate.