Gun-Happy Porn Studio CEO Charged With Cocaine Possession

acworthPeter Acworth, noted bondage enthusiast and CEO of, a BDSM porn studio based in San Francisco, was charged with drug possession on Tuesday.

According to SF Gate:

Officers went to the fetish-porn studio in the Mission District Armory on Feb. 1 after someone reported seeing an online video of people shooting guns inside the hulking building at 14th and Mission streets, said Officer Albie Esparza, a police spokesman.

“If you’re not a shooting range, you can’t be shooting a gun inside a building,” Esparza said.

Officers found evidence that guns had been fired inside the armory, but did not make any gun-related arrests, Esparza said. However, they did pat down company CEO Peter Acworth, 42, of San Francisco when he did not promptly answer the door, and found he had a few grams of cocaine in his pocket, authorities said.

Acworth was arrested for possession of cocaine for personal use and was later freed from County Jail on a $15,000 bail. His attorney Michael Stapanian said “the charge amounts to a $60 mistake” and “will be handled as quickly and expeditiously as possible.”

In a statement, the Kink head called the attention being drawn to the studio “regrettable”, but said it will continue its “endeavors to be positive contributors to the neighborhood and city of San Francisco.”

Well, thank god for Acworth and his salacious bondage videos or who knows what kind of depraved crapper San Fran would be in.

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  • petensfo

    Police arrived after reports that someone found a video on line of someone else firing a gun???

    Wow… talk about a bitter gay person.

    For those that don’t know, the building that houses this studio was for decades
    AN ARMORY!!!

    With all the gunshots in the Mission, this is what the police follow up on? Gimme a

  • oilburner

    I said the same thing to my friend RHONDA
    .wow talk about a bitter gay person , but atleast
    the cops only charged him W/possession 4 personal
    use, instead of the normal bullshit charge of possession
    W/The intention to sell.

  • redcarpet

    Guns? This is getting way to close to a snuff film for my taste.

    No weaponry during my playtime. No thank you.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville


    What makes you bitter queens think it was another bitter queen who ratted Kink out? The Kink web-site is hardly a gay site, the intro page shows heterosexual porn (I assume there is a gay side too). Perhaps it was a straight person who, rightly, believes that one should not be firing live ammunition inside a building, endangering the actors/actresses, crew, and everyone else within range. They use fake cum and fake orgasms, so why not fake/prop guns?

    Oh, and armories are storage depots for weapons and ammunition NOT firing ranges.

  • Chad Hunt

    I filmed there before. It is a great historic space. I’d hate to think it was being shut up. The “endeavoring to be a positive neighborhood contributor” is what has me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. ROTFLMAO

  • Chad Hunt

    shut = shot

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